Twilight-related web searches may be infected with malware

The latest Twilight movie “Twilight Breaking Dawn” and growing interest for its plot, actors and other things has encouraged hackers to use it for generating some money. So, all fans looking for Twilight details on the Internet should keep in mind that some of the search results returned can be infected. Most of infected links are given after searching for “Nude pictures of Taylor Lautner”,? “Robert and Kristin kissing” and “Twilight true love.”

According to Norton, if it happens for you to click on any of such malicious links, you are very likely to get ? infected with a virus or a keylogger which additionally starts tracking your keyboard clicks and sends everything to scammers. This technology is very dangerous because you may unnoticeably share your credit card information with scammers or give them all your passwords for example.

Sophos announces that scammers have also been sharing infected links with “the upcoming movie’ scam on Facebook where victims had to “Like’ the page in order to see the video. Of course, that helped them to spread their malicious link infected with malware.

When looking for information about the Twilight movie, make sure you visit only reputable websites sharing safe information with the fans. Be especially carefull with links offering to see the latest scenes of the movie or naked actors. In addition, to prevent secret intrusion of malware, install licensed versions of anti-virus and anti-spyware programs

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