UK police arrested 19 people responsible for distribution of Zeus Trojan

London police has arrested 19 people that were involved in a huge cyber crime. 15 men and 4 women are accused of stealing money from random online bank accounts. The suspects have been infecting computers with Zbot Trojan Zeus which is known for stealing passwords and including infected computers into a botnet. Later on this botnet is used in order to distribute other infections and spam.

The Trojan spreads through Facebook or bundled with downloads that do not need user’s authorization. After stealing the passwords of certain computer systems they can break in people’s bank accounts and make transfers to accounts of the criminals. Usually, Zeus Trojan steals the credentials of small organizations and in a few hours gains thousands of pounds. As a result, in 3 months UK financial institutions have experienced a loss of ?£6 million. And that is not the end. The police reports that it can increase into even bigger amount of money because investigation still continues.

Though British police has arrested 19 people responsible for this crime, the botnet is still working and malware is still spreading. Actually, Zeus Trojan has been first detected in 2007 and as we see it is still active. So this arrest is just a small battle in a huge war with cyber criminals.

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