Ultimate Safe Mode

Popular spyware removers like STOPzilla are capable of eliminating the larger part of all known spyware and malware parasites. Even if your system is badly infected, a powerful anti-spyware program will clean it up for you, or at least make it usable again.

However, sometimes even the most effective anti-spyware programs fail removing specific threats. Then the only way to get rid of the infection is starting the system in Safe Mode and trying once again.

This advice is useful for people dealing with regular spyware or adware. But today, when a lot of absolutely new types of parasites spread, Safe Mode might not help you anymore. Emerging threats use integrated rootkits, hidden drivers and virus techniques in order to prevent removal even in Safe Mode.

So, the only way left is reformatting your hard disk and reinstalling the OS? No! According to one of our visitors who sent us link to an interesting post at one of the CastleCops forums, there is a better solution – Ultimate Safe Mode.

Ultimate Safe Mode is “the ideal environment to run antimalware apps in”. It is like the same good old Safe Mode, but even more limited. There is no Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, or the system tray. All you get is the Command Prompt. Although it is quite difficult and unusual to work in, the Command Prompt does not depend on any system components, which might be hijacked by malware. Terminating a process most likely will kill it once-and-for-all. As nossirah, author of the instructions, writes, “anything that is executed from that box will be running in the maximum clean environment with the maximum authority.”

Ultimate Safe Mode instructions here

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