VirusRescue. A powerful mix?

“VirusRescue is a powerful mix of Anti-Malware, Anti-Virus, Anti-Trojan, Anti-Backdoor, Anti-Worm and Anti-PornoDial in one program. It will rescue you from all types of Viruses on your PC.”

These words are taken from the official web site of VirusRescue, a new program that eliminates almost any kinds of infections. At least its makers say so. However, you shouldn’t believe them. Why? The answer is simple. VirusRescue is yet another corrupt “security” program illegally installed to victim computers by widely spread trojans and through numerous exploits. Yes, it’s a new rogue.

This time it’s not pure anti-spyware. VirusRescue pretends to be an all-purpose remover, but actually is very similar to Spy Falcon and Spyware Strike, just improved a little bit.

VirusRescue displays exaggerated warning messages, shows fake alerts, downloads corrupt anti-malware program and hijacks the web browser. Furthermore, it secretly downloads and installs other malicious parasites to the infected system. SpywareQuake, a similar parasite, is among those threats.

As you can see, VirusRescue is a powerful mix indeed. Mix of the infamous SpywareQuake and dozens of other risks.

Avoid it at all costs! This mix can be fatal.

We already provide basic VirusRescue manual removal instructions. Sadly, working through them is not enough to completely get rid of the trojan. Automatic removal programs like STOPzilla or Spy Sweeper should be used instead.

Complete manual removal instructions as well as detailed removal guide will be available very soon.

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