What?€™s new on 2-Spyware.com ?€“ Issue 1, January, 2006

“What’s new” – a simple name for our new weekly news bulletin, which is a short summary of the most important late week computer security events, noticeable spyware-related issues, recently discovered parasites and significant 2-Spyware.com updates.

ASC finalized official anti-spyware guidelines
One of the most egregious phishing examples
Unusual fakes – rogue Google sites

Webroot Spy Sweeper tutorial (new)
Manual removal of harmful files (updated)

Infamous parasites
Looksky.f, an Internet worm
Delf.aeo, a trojan
Looksky.g, an Internet worm
Complete SpywareStrike manual removal instructions

Corrupt anti-spyware software
1st Anti Virus