What is spam?

Spam is an e-mail message that is send to many people and floods Internet with copies. People don’t with to receive it, but it is sent without permission. Usually spam methods are used for advertising and commercial purposes. It is cheap way to advertise services and products because it costs very little or doesn’t cost anything. Everything is paid by recipient or the carriers. Often it’s illegal.

Types of spam:

1. Cancellable Usenet spam;
2. Email spam;
3. Messaging spam;
4. Mobile phone spam;
5. Internet telephony spam;
6. Search engine spam;
7. Comment spam;

These spams differently affects Internet user. Target of Cancellable Usenet spam is Usenet newsgroup users. The spam message is sent to to all group of 20 or more people. Opposite to this, Email spam targets individual users. Usenet postings are scanned and spam message is sent directly to the owner of the address.
Messaging spam is often called spim in it affect users of instant messaging services, like ICQ, AIM, MSN, etc.
Mobile phone spam uses SMS to advertise their products or services. It’s very annoying and sometimes costs to the recipient.
Unlike other spammers, Internet telephony spammers use voice based communication. They record spam message and flood Internet with it.

Does it cost?
Spam e-mail cost to those people that use phone connection for their Internet. As long as you are reading unnecessary e-mail, or waiting until it is arriving, the time runs and fee for service is growing. Further more, it costs money for ISPs and online services to transmit spam, and these costs are transmitted directly to subscribers.

Stop spam:
If you have already some spam in your e-mail box, you should know some things things that you shouldn’t do. First of all never reply to spam and don’t use the suggested “remove” method. It is also important that you don’t go to suggested links. It’s because when you take these action you confirm you e-mail address and moreover you show spammers that you read their spam! Sometimes it doesn’t need this because if you get an e-mail with a little bit of coded graphics and your mailer fetches it, the spammer knows that you have opened the e-mail and verified this address.

The second thing that is advised not to do is that you should not buy anything that was advertised you by e-mail. As spam is illegal the offers might be fraudulent.
If you want to prevent yourself from spam, you should first read online forms before you fill them. If they don’t ask you e-mail, don’t write it. But if it’s needed, use multiple e-mail addresses.

There are many websites that offer free e-mail services with anti-spam filter. It’s also recommended to install some anti-spam softwares (like SpamBully, Control Spam, etc.) or to use advanced Internet filtering software that provides e-mail filtering function (for example CYBERsitter, NetNanny, etc.)

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