What is this heartbleed and how to protect yourself against it?


Everyone is now discussing about the Heartbleed Bug, which was detected in the beginning of April, 2014. If you are an IT expert, you will easily understand those talks about OpenSSL, encryption systems and similar things. However, if you are just an ordinary PC user, you may have some hard time to realize what this bug really is and how to protect yourself against it.

According to security experts, Heartbleed is a recently discovered security vulnerability, which puts people’s login data at many popular websites at risk. It is related to the piece of software known as OpenSSL, which should protect personal users’ data (passwords, loggins, credit card information, etc.) while it travels from computer to the website. The latest its version (1.0.1) has a bug that allows recovering this data on the memory of the web server without leaving a trace. So, Heartbleed allows to expose people’s logins and use them for various dirty crimes. It can be done no matter what operating system or service is used by the victim, so people can lose their loggins no matter what they do, shop on Amazon or blog on Tumblr.

According to the latest reports, Heartbleed has breached the security of around half of the million of Internet’s web servers. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google accounts, Etsy, Flickr, SoundCloud, YouTube and other online giants have or might have been attacked. If you have an account on any of these or other popular sites, you may want to change all your passwords and make sure that all your data is fine. However, making these changes might be useless if sites’ operators have still failed to fix the bug. So, WAIT FOR CONFIRMATION from sites or use such tools as LastPass HeartBleed Checker… You can find more information about this bug at The Heartbleed Bug.

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