What’s new on 2-Spyware.com – Issue 4, June, 2006

Microsoft sued over anti-piracy software
Browsezilla. Beware of the dinosaur!
No more GAIN adware
Online services. To trust or not to trust?
New rogue anti-spyware and annoying parasite
180solutions + Hotbar = Zango
Free porn? No, thanks
More fake codecs and programs

Infamous parasites
Browsezilla, malware
Kidala.e, a worm
Amirecivel.e, a worm
Orcu, a trojan
Trust Cleaner, a trojan
Skowr, ransomware
Titan Shield, a trojan
Timeserv, a trojan
PornMag Pass, a trojan
Emcodec.c, a trojan
Nebuler, a trojan

Corrupt anti-spyware products
Titan Shield
Kill & Clean
Trust Cleaner
Adware Finder

New and renewed anti-spyware product
ewido anti-spyware
Arovax AntiSpyware Beta

CounterSpy tutorial

Site updates
Anti-spyware comparison updated
Comparison of free spyware removers

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