Why can?€™t spam say goodbye?

Everyone who has an email box, mobile phone, account on a social network, a blog, etc. has an opinion about spam as well. That’s because spam evolves and targets new territories everyday, why can’t we fight the spam efficiently?

Old-fashioned spam used for marketing purposes seems to be harmless in comparison with spam that infects computers and targets online bank accounts. However all the spam messages brings loss because it jams the internet, floods email inboxes and distracts people from more important things. According to security experts the price of sending tons of spasm emails is relatively low and it pays off even if very few people reply to spam messages. And if the spam is worth sending, anti-spam measures are worth fighting.

Although spam messages don’t seem to be complicated, automatic recognition and filtering are difficult tasks to do. Spam blockers can recognize certain schemes, but they may become blind if the email contains additional text similar to non-spam content. That’s why this type of spam protection is not a highly effective one.

Botnets that keep growing all over the world are another reason why spammers are difficult to identify. Spammers use zombie networks because anti-spy products can actually track down an IP of computer used to send spam. And the IP of computer in botnet gives nothing useful because the owner of zombie computer usually has no idea it was infected. However the networks have their “masters’ – computers that sends commands and anti-spam vendors are working on detecting the leading machines so the identities of spammers could be revealed.

Anti-spam software has a lot of potential because of constant studies of spam techniques and zombie networks. However, the main power that theoretically could take the spam down is regular computer owners. The perfectly planned network of spammers and scammers can be easily busted by an educated computer user who can recognize the scam. But it can also trick the user and rob his money, if the user isn’t computer literate.

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