Why updates are so important

A lot of people ask me why software updates are so important and why do they need to update if their current setup works just fine?

I must confess I’m tired of answering to all those endless questions. But I still think that regular posts like this one are necessary. Someone will read it and it may help him to avoid serious problems. Let’s begin.

Outdated software is insecure

You got it right. The larger part of outdated applications is vulnerable, especially if these are operating systems, web browsers, mail clients or chat programs, i.e. software that’s reachable from the Internet. Even if your browser works fine, it doesn’t mean that it’s safe. The reliability often is far away from the safety. It’s not the same. Your old OS may have dozens of flaws that can be exploited not only by hackers, but also automatically by widely spread malware.

Outdated software is ineffective

That’s correct for most security programs. Out-of-date antiviruses, firewalls or spyware removers are virtually useless. They can identify and remove old malware that was circulating before they’ve been released. But what’s about today’s and tomorrow’s threats? Will old security suite stop them too? The answer is NO. Forget all the heuristics and “unique detection techniques” – they simply do not work as you want them to.

Outdated software is incompatible

In most cases old programs do not provide support for new devices and latest third-party applications. Out-of-date software tends to conflict with everything that looks very new for it.

I can go on and on. But let’s get to an end. Updates are very important! Today, it’s not about adding new useless features to your software, but improving its security.

Not using Internet Explorer 7 for daily surfing doesn’t mean it’s safe to stay with your IE6. If a program is in your system, then there is a great chance that some other piece of software is using it and the infection can easily get through.

Turn on automatic updates! If there is no such function, check manually each week or two.

GTO, 2-Spyware.com forum moderator

  1. Marvin Zinn says:
    December 18th, 2013 at 4:18 am

    I disagree.

    Technically you are correct, but for most of us all these updates and “improvements” are a waste of time. Yes, something (usually a program I never use) will work better or faster. But that does not save as much time as having to restart the computer so often.

    I figured out why this is really done: There is a programmer union. Each one adds a bug in any program they write that will case trouble with another program instead of that one. (Someone has a list the programmer can choose from, and when that is done add another flaw.) This is so they can keep their jobs and get a higher salary from fixing what they broke when no one outside the union will know about it. They just get paid more to laugh at us.


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