ZERO DAY – a Film About War with Cybercrime

ZERO DAY is a film about cybercrime, where a journalist Brian Krebs tracks down and takes an interview from a money mule, moves stolen money for the Russian mob. In addition, filmmakers are getting help from the Facebook’s Security Team at Menlo Park California headquarters.

This team is providing an unattended access to various criminal activities like intrusions, hacks and more. We see all the hard work of these charming personalities who solves the crimes of hackers every day. Nevertheless these hard to solve cases may lead anywhere in the world – filmmakers follow every move to catch everything on film.

ZERO DAY is co-financed by BBC Storyville, while the filmmakers are working with reporters like John Markoff (New York Times) and Joe Mell (Reuters). Author Misha Glenny takes part in this film too. 2-spyware team takes part in this project too. The filmmakers are talking with Mark Cuban and Magnolia Pictures, to be able to distribute in US TV and theatres.

2-spyware team invites everyone to support the creation of this film through Kickstarter. By donating money you become an official donor of ZERO DAY.? Film is scheduled for release at September, 2013.

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