ZeuS Botnet Master is arrested by Thai Police

If you are interested in cyber security, you must have heard about ZeuS trojan horse, which has been mainly used to steal login credentials of online social networks, e-mail accounts, online banking or other financial services. However, it seems that our login information will be safer from now: Thai police has announced that they have arrested an Algerian hacker who has been working behind the several ZeuS botnets all this time.

According to The Bangkok post, the man from the FBI Wanted list is the 24 years old computer science graduate Hamza Bendelladj. He is suspected to be a major operator of botnets that gave him opportunity to hack accounts in 217 banks and financial companies worldwide, and earn tens of millions of dollar. Most surprisingly, it is believed that all this has been done using a satellite phone and a notebook only. Of course, Bendelladj has been actively denying the fact that he was capable to get 10-20 million dollar in just one transaction and that has been living a life of luxury because of that.

The Bangkok Post claims that Hamza Bendelladj was among the 10 most wanted people by the FBI. It has been tracking this guy for more than three years and now is seeking to bring him back to the US.

Source: bangkokpost.com

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