Zlob Related Cookies Storm the Internet (Removal Guide Included)

Host-Codec, Freerealitympegs, FreePornMoviesWorld, Hotelcodec, GoCodec, GreatCodec, Micro-Codec, Inc-Codec, Net-Codec, Online-Codec, Nmextensions, Zlob.Playjust.Cookie and Page-Ticket are the names of spyware cookies that have started to infiltrate computers recently. If your security scan locates one of these files and it is not able to remove it, you should be concerned. All these cookies are made to track your browsing activity and log it on file. Monitoring targets personal information as well! The cookies are smart enough to send the collected data to their parent servers.

Although only one of this bunch is named Zlob.Playjust.Cookie, all of them are related to the Zlob Trojan or similar trojans that pretend to be media players (i.e. Freerealitympegs and FreePornMoviesWorld). If you decide to use some exotic media player and it requires downloading codecs to play files, you should be suspicious. It’s usually a trick to make you install disguised malware. If the codecs are Online-Codec, Inc-Codec, Net-Codec, Host-Codec, GoCodec, Hotelcodec, GreatCodec or Micro-Codec, you can be sure they are malicious. Whenever you see an alert that urges to install additional feature or an update, make sure you read the message before you agree to install something. For example Nmextensions may sound like something legitimate and useful, but it is one of the spyware cookies that emerged recently.

Keep your anti spyware updated to remove these threats. If you can not wait to get rid of these tracking cookies, you can remove them manually. Each spyware cookie mentioned above installs three files on a computer. The files differ on name, but they are similar for all of the cookies:

[Cookie Name]
[Cookie Name].txt
[Cookie Name].com

To remove certain cookie, look for these files on your computer and deleted them. To remove Page-Ticket, locate Page-Ticket, Page-Ticket.txt and Page-Ticket.com files and remove them. You may need Removing Malicious Files Tutorial. All the other spyware cookies from this list can be removed this way.

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