What is 2-spyware.com directory?
It is a resource which contains various links to useful web sites, which are divided into categories and subcategories. Here we place links which contain information about useful topics: spyware related issues, computer files, internet, security and others. We also connect the links with various pages on our website, in the field "Additional resources" (see image below).

Why add item to our directory?
The first reason is that you want our visitors to see some resource, which would be useful and somehow related to spyware or security issues. This way you can help internet users to find more information and help us to make our content richer.
The second reason is when you want to add your own resource here.
Adding a website to our directory means that it will be seen by our visitors, so it will work as an advertising. Besides, your website will be placed in the exact category it belongs to, so only interested user will press a link to your page. It means that you will get potential clients or visitors who will be really interested in your field.

How to add a website?
There are only three simple steps:
• Fill in the form below
• Wait for confirmation of the administrator
• You will be notified by e-mail whether the website matched all the criteria

Important: if you are suggesting your own website, you will also have to place a link to 2-spyware.com on your website, otherwise it will not be added to our directory. You can choose links from here.
Note: the link to 2-spyware.com must be already present on your site when filling the form.

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