Cyber security: how to protect your smartphone against hacker attacks

Smartphone protection is more than important nowadays

How to protect your smartphone against hacker attacks

Cyber security is the issue no one can ignore in the 21st century. Most people believe that the targets of hacker attacks are governments, big corporations, financial organizations, and famous people. However, every day we use smartphones for online shopping, transferring money, paying for services, logging into private social media accounts and doing similar things online that require private data.

Hackers are aware of the fact that millions of people use their smartphones, laptops, and tablets to exchange that kind of information, which is considered to be extremely private.[1] Thus, they are always looking for ways and security flaws[2] and opportunities to get access to this data.

Mobile ransomware, data-stealing trojans, spyware and other malware affect Android,[3] iOS and other mobile operating systems daily. Thus, applying several security measures to protect your files, personal information and money are crucial.

Your smartphone might be hacked anytime in a blink of an eye

Do you know how much time is needed to hack a smartphone? A professional hacker needs only a few minutes to get into an average unprotected smartphone. Sounds scary.

Unfortunately, mobile security is not as hot topic as computer security. Many people still believe that cyber criminals mostly target computers. However, that's not true. Nowadays, smartphone protection is important because most of the daily tasks we complete using the mobile devices hiding in our pockets.

There are many ways how you can protect your device.[4] However, the first and the most important thing you can do immediately is to install the best VPN service[5] you can find. Don't worry, the market is overwhelmed with really good VPNs to choose from. Thus, you have only to pick the one.

Best ways to protect your smartphone against hackers

We've chosen only the most effective methods to protect your smartphone from hackers, which you can easily follow yourself, without consulting anyone.

  • Passwords. Fix your weak passwords. The number one reason why most smartphones are hacked is the weak password. Don't use the exact password for all your accounts. If one of those accounts will be hacked, probably all the rest accounts will be compromised as well.
  • Two-step authentication. This system will be a barrier in case your password is stolen. What does it mean? You need to provide two different factors in order to log into your account. For example, a password on one device and the unique code sent to your other device (like a text message).
  • Turn off the Bluetooth. If you're not using the Bluetooth, just turn it off. It is an extremely vulnerable system when used in public places.
  • Emails. Don't answer unknown emails. Don't follow the links, which are sent via those unknown emails, as it is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get your devices hacked. Everyone knows this rule, but not everyone follows it. It is especially important to consider the risks if you receive a suspicious email from a bank.
  • Don't download apps and files from unreliable sources.

We highlight the importance of protecting your smartphone, laptop, and tablet against cyber criminals. Of course, these methods and programs don't provide 100% guarantee, as there is no device in the world which can't be hacked. But as the famous proverb says “It is better to be safe than sorry.”

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