What is Adware? In Depth analysis and removal guides
Stay safe online - 2020-09-25

Database of adware

September 25, 2020

Nutaku malware

Nutaku malware is the term that is used by people who suffers from shady redirects created by Nutaku.net. More
September 24, 2020


Jioer.pro is a push notification virus that shows unwanted ads in particular time intervals. More
September 24, 2020

Ad.doubleclick.net ads

Doubleclick.net – an advertising service which causes unwanted ads on iPhone and other devices. More
September 23, 2020

Qualitink ads

Qualitink is potentially unwanted program that collects and sells your information to third-parties. More
September 22, 2020


InetStat is an adware-type program that launches background processes to deliver intrusive ads and install other unwanted apps. More
September 22, 2020

Content Explorer

Content Explorer is adware that might inject sponsored links and ads into your searches. More
September 22, 2020

PDF Mac Master

PDF Mac Master – a potentially unwanted app that offers PDF converting function, but also injects intrusive ads. More
September 18, 2020


ExpandedSkill is a malicious program that is designed to infiltrate Mac operating systems. More
September 18, 2020


The getfile765.site is a browser-based threat that tricks users into subscribing to unwanted push notifications. More
September 17, 2020


Bot-checker.com is the program that triggers issues with the device because it exposes the user to shady advertisements. More
September 15, 2020


Net01.biz is the program that delivers pop-ups and advertisements to affect the traffic on purpose. More
September 14, 2020


Adware.g00 – Google Chrome browser infection that keeps returning. More
September 09, 2020

Vigua.A virus

Vigua.A virus – an intrusive adware infection that users struggle to get rid of. More
September 09, 2020


Thefaceduck.com is the program that creates issues with the speed of the machine when it triggers tons of pop-ups and redirects. More
September 09, 2020


Hiroje.com is a push notification virus that shows ads directly on a desktop. More
September 08, 2020


Totopcontent.xyz is the program that triggers pop-ups and browser windows with commercial material that leads to sponsored sites. More
September 04, 2020


LeadingServiceSearch is the program that can trigger unwanted changes to the system to display sponsored content. More
September 04, 2020


GeneralBoardSearch is the program that creates issues with the performance of macOS devices. More
September 03, 2020


ExploreParameter is a potentially unwanted program with plenty of malicious features. More
September 01, 2020


Superpushoffer.club is a potentially dangerous domain that will deliver intrusive advertisements on Android or another device. More
September 01, 2020


Etnessbr.pro is a deceptive website that tries to trick you into subscribing to desktop notifications. More
September 01, 2020


Net05.biz is the program that triggers changes in various preferences and settings, so your system is not working as before. More
August 31, 2020


PracticalProcesser is a potentially unwanted application that can track your personal information. More
August 27, 2020


Mpaxgrees.club is the browser-based scam page that shows shady notifications . More
August 26, 2020


Thewowfeed.com is the redirect virus that triggers pop-ups with commercial material to mislead people. More
August 21, 2020


7mono.biz – dubious website that seeks to profit from intrusive advertisements. More
August 14, 2020

Antispam Cyber Privacy

Antispam Cyber Privacy is a deceptive application that shows users intrusive popups on a daily basis. More

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