How to remove Mac viruses
Stay safe online - 2022-08-15

Database of Mac viruses

August 12, 2022

CentralGeo Mac virus

CentralGeo Mac virus can cause ad spam or even PUP and malware infections.
August 11, 2022

VibeProfile Mac virus

VibeProfile is a malicious Mac application that can damage your computer and compromise your privacy.
August 10, 2022

HerculesLookup Mac virus

HerculesLookup is a type of malware that delivers intrusive ads and spies on users' online activities.
August 09, 2022

AnalyzerSystem Mac virus

AnalyzerSystem is a malicious Mac application that is extremely sneaky and evasive.
August 02, 2022

AllocateClassics Mac virus

AllocateClassics only infects mac machines to spam users with ads and collect revenue.
August 01, 2022

ResolutionProduct Mac virus

ResolutionProduct is a malicious Mac application that is a serious threat to one's privacy.
August 01, 2022

SampleFormat mac virus

SampleFormat mac virus can cause ad spam, changes to the browser and system.
July 29, 2022

IndexerClient Mac virus

IndexerClient is a malicious Mac application that attempts to steal your banking information and other details.
July 28, 2022

DigitGuild Mac virus

DigitGuild is a virus that successfully avoids detection and removal by Mac's built-in defenses.
July 26, 2022

AnalyzerState mac virus

AnalyzerState virus targets only mac machines to monetize user activity with ads.
July 26, 2022

CloudMensis Mac virus

CloudMensis is a dangerous Mac infection that operates as a backdoor.
July 26, 2022

SagaDynasty mac virus

SagaDynasty mac virus is the threat hijacking the processes on the browser.
July 07, 2022

VantageReservation mac virus

VantageReservation mac virus can install other malicious programs without the users' knowledge.
July 04, 2022

PortalUltra mac virus

PortalUltra mac virus is a particular application showing useless advertisements.
July 01, 2022

EmpireFocus mac virus

EmpireFocus mac virus was created to monetize user activity with advertisements.
June 30, 2022

HybridSpace mac virus

HybridSpace mac virus can cause pop-ups, change browser settings and even install malware.
June 30, 2022

TripleWhole mac virus

TripleWhole mac virus can cause annoying ads and change the main browser settings to monetize user activity.
June 28, 2022

CladRumble mac virus

CladRumble mac virus can change browser settings, spam users with ads or even install malware.
June 22, 2022

SystemsOffer Mac virus

SystemsOffer is a dangerous Mac application capable of evading built-in protection systems.
June 22, 2022

RelianceTask mac virus

RelianceTask mac virus is the program manipulating various browser settings to show commercial content.
June 22, 2022

VirtualHybrid mac virus

VirtualHybrid mac virus can make your machine unusable by spamming you with ads.
June 21, 2022

LogLibrary mac virus

LogLibrary virus can cause serious security and privacy issues on mac machines.
June 21, 2022

TheorySeek mac virus

TheorySeek virus infects mac machines and causes ad spam, PUP, and malware installations.
June 20, 2022

FrequencyPlatform mac virus

FrequencyPlatform is a mac virus that can cause ads, browser changes, and malware installations.
June 17, 2022

UniversalKey Mac virus

UniversalKey is a Mac virus that evades built-in defenses and harvests personal data.
June 17, 2022

DirectNetwork mac virus

DirectNetwork mac virus is the adware that shows advertisements where those are not supposed to go.
June 16, 2022

ProcesserGrid mac virus

ProcesserGrid mac virus can cause ad spam, and even PUP or other malware infections.
June 16, 2022

CommonCreative mac virus

CommonCreative mac virus is the adware that annoys people with unwanted activities.
June 15, 2022

BlissFresh Mac virus

BlissFresh is a Mac virus that can pose danger to your computer safety.