What is Adware? In Depth analysis and removal guides
Stay safe online - 2019-12-10

Database of adware

December 07, 2019

Fast Media Converter

Fast Media Converter – a PUP that claims to be a handy converting app while throwing unwanted ads on the user's PC. More
December 07, 2019

Ads by DonutQuotes

DonutQuotes – an intrusive app that earns income from constant advertising. More
December 06, 2019


WhatsappTime is an application that lets users chat via their Desktops, also collects and shares user information. More
December 05, 2019


Gestyy.com – adware that redirects users to a questionable URL shortening service shorte.st. More
December 05, 2019


Notube.net is one of many online video converting sites which might be used for illegal music or movie downloads. More
December 05, 2019


Download-alert.com – adware that urges pressing “Allow” to download a particular file. More
December 05, 2019


Chainthorn is a suspicious website that tries to push notifications directly to users' desktops. More
December 05, 2019


Downloadmyinboxhelper is an annoying adware application that changes web browser settings without permission and displays intrusive ads. More
December 05, 2019

Arcade Giant virus

Arcade Giant is software that allows you playing flash games, but also fills your browsers with intrusive ads. More
December 04, 2019

Variance TV

Variance TV is deemed potentially unwanted program which secretly hijacks web browsers. More
December 03, 2019


SystemDistrict – a third-party app that floods Macs with annoying ads. More
December 03, 2019


SwiftEngine – macOS adware that usually appears in Applications. More
December 03, 2019


Nlighttomayorw.info is the program that causes social-engineering attack-based pop-ups, push notifications that redirect you to unwanted commercial sites. More
December 03, 2019


Orbetterpositiesa.info is a suspicious site that seeks to make users subscribe to unwanted push notifications. More
December 02, 2019


ManagementMark is the shady application that keeps reinstalling itself on the machine to affect the performance. More
December 02, 2019


Giantttraffic.com – adware that encourages to press the “Allow” button to download a video. More
November 29, 2019


Flv2mp3 is a file converting program that drops intrusive adverts while visiting its original domain. More
November 29, 2019

Quick-Seeker.com hijack

Quick-Seeker.com – an adware domain that causes redirects to other odd locations such as 681a22.lifeimpressions.net. More
November 29, 2019


Soc-rets.fun is the website that shows scammy messages about monetary prizes. More
November 28, 2019


Mp3hub.com is a site that allows to download copyright content from YouTube, Facebook, and other sources. More
November 28, 2019

Dolphin Deals Ads

Dolphin Deals – an annoying app that might be related to Rocket Tab adware . More
November 28, 2019


BeginnerData – adware that fills Mac computers with annoying pop-ups. More
November 28, 2019


AgileHelp is a potentially unwanted program that will spam your Safari, Google Chrome or another browser with intrusive ads and record your web browsing activities. More
November 28, 2019


Moneypoll01.top – a scamming website that offers to win large sums of money by opening prize chests. More
November 27, 2019

Vidsquare ads

Vidsquare virus – adware that drops unwanted notifications while launching GTA 5 via Steam. More
November 27, 2019

Rd.bizrate.com virus

Rd.bizrate.com is an unwanted program that gets included in shady advertising campaigns online . More
November 26, 2019


ConsumerProductsUsa is a survey scam that harvests a variety of personal information to spams users with promotional offers via phone and email. More
November 26, 2019

jZip by Bandoo

jZip is the deceptive application that should provide file-compressing functionality, but it gets bundled with other PUPs. More

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