What is Adware? In Depth analysis and removal guides
Stay safe online - 2019-10-13

Database of adware

October 11, 2019

Ads by CrossBrowser

CrossBrowser – a browsing platform that claims to allow managing extensions in beneficial ways. More
October 09, 2019


Loompasplace – a suspicious pop-up that offers to win a fake $1000 Walmart gift card for iPhone/iPad users. More
October 09, 2019


Youtubeconverter.io is the potentially unwanted application that tricks users into allowing browser notifications and intrusive ads. More
October 09, 2019


Amazingdestinations.today is a website that displays intrusive ads, but might also be a part of adware campaign. More
October 09, 2019


Luckyguys.top – adware that might be recording your online activities for the display of targeted ads. More
October 08, 2019


Add-extension.xyz is the domain that delivers pop-ups and promotional content that leads to infiltration of other PUPs. More
October 08, 2019


Bigclicker.me is the program that creates tons of pop-ups redirects to promote other applications and generate pay-per-click revenue. More
October 08, 2019


Js/Adware.Revizer.E – an adware product that might be related to the s3amazonaws.com domain. More
October 08, 2019

Advanced Mac Tuneup

Advanced Mac Tuneup – rogue computer software created to mislead owners of Mac machines. More
October 08, 2019


Notify-monad.com – a potentially unwanted program that gathers pay-per-click revenue from its push notifications. More
October 07, 2019


Fiterdiloin.pro is a suspicious website that initiates intrusive pop-ups on users' desktop after using a social engineering trick. More
October 07, 2019


Celeb-secret.live is the shady domain that uses social engineering to deliver unwanted advertisements straight to the desktop. More
October 07, 2019


Track.montmeloroute.com is the website that exposes people to possibly malicious content and leads to significantly decreased speed of the machine. More
October 07, 2019

This update requires an action

This update requires an action is a fake alert that asks users to complete the update, the presence of which indicates Chill Tab, Tapufind, or other useless app infection on Mac. More
October 07, 2019


News-venere.com – a push notifications virus that mysteriously modifies browser homepage and new tab search. More
October 04, 2019


Donaldredpage.icu is yet another website designed to trick you into subscribing to push notifications that redirects to tons of other shady pages. More
October 03, 2019


Solo85.biz – an advertising domain asking to confirm that you are not a robot. More
October 02, 2019


Bestlandcn.com is a website that shows fake notification about somebody allegedly spying on your iPhone. More
October 01, 2019

Kissmanga malware

Kissmanga is the group of websites that have issues with privacy and possible malware infections due to loads of advertisements. More
September 30, 2019


SourceAdd.app is the program that appears out of nowhere but is not essential to run on the machine. More
September 30, 2019


Track.nuxues.com is a redirect virus that that mainly targets German users. More
September 27, 2019


Zfirst-news.com – an adware-based domain that asks for age confirmation to load up various ads. More
September 26, 2019


Lp.macsmart-cleanupc.club – a pop-up scam that tries to push Smart Mac Booster to the users' machines. More
September 25, 2019


Alertsp.club is a website that delivers the fake message from Apple Support to promote or even install the shady system tools. More
September 25, 2019


News-easy.com is the website that displays notifications and uncontrollable amount of pop-ups to trick you into visiting shady sites where personal data gets collected. More
September 24, 2019

Apple wants to make changes

“Apple wants to make changes” is a phenomenon Mac users have been encountering for awhile and might be related to multiple malware infections. More
September 24, 2019


Lp.macapps-optimize.club is a browser-based scam that shows fake system messages trying to trick users into installing unwanted programs on their computers. More
September 23, 2019

Tiny Media Player adware

Tiny Media Player – an advertising network that might push bogus deals of particular products or services. More
September 23, 2019


Windowsdefender.club – is the unwanted program that loads the error message on the browser or pushes notifications to redirect your online traffic. More

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