Stay safe online - 2021-01-22

Ransomware delivered through hacked IObit emails and forums

DeroHE ransomware spread camouflaged as promotional IObit software. More
News Viruses and parasites   January 19, 2021  

Joker’s Stash stolen credit card vendor is set to close on February

The illegal merchant of stolen payment cards closes shop after 7 years. More
News   January 18, 2021  

Users turn to Telegram after privacy terms change in WhatsApp

Telegram new user accounts skyrocket by 25 million in 3 days. More
News   January 13, 2021  

Attack on the Capitol might have severe cybersecurity aftermath

Incidents in the Capitol may lead to possible cybersecurity issues like data leakage or even espionage. More
News Security   January 12, 2021  

Russian hacker sentenced to 12 years in prison for colossal data theft

Russian hacker responsible for JP Morgan Chase hacking sentenced for crimes committed in the United States. More
News   January 11, 2021  

Fake cryptocurrency trade management tools spread ElectroRAT trojan

ElectroRAT trojan hidden within software empties cryptocurrency wallets. More
News Viruses and parasites   January 06, 2021  

TransLink employees might be exposed to identity theft after a hack

TransLink hit by Egregor ransomware, sensitive employee data stolen. More
News Viruses and parasites   January 05, 2021  

Watch out for new PayPal phishing text messages

New PayPal smishing messages say that users' accounts are "limited". More
News Spam and phishing   January 04, 2021  

Kawasaki reports possible data leakage following a security breach

Japan's tech giant Kawasaki reported unauthorized access to their servers. More
News Security   December 30, 2020  

Shoppers targeted by Amazon Gift Card scam spreading the Dridex Trojan

This Holiday season cybercriminals decided to deliver malware with the help of fake Amazon Gift Card scams. More
News Spam and phishing   December 29, 2020  

Livecoin cyberattack: hacked servers could result in financial disaster

Livecoin asks customers not to conduct any transactions during the server takeover. More
News Security   December 28, 2020  

FBI warns about scams using peoples’ interest in COVID-19 vaccines

Complains about scam campaigns relying on false vaccine information: criminals interested in PII and money . More
News Security   December 23, 2020  

Fake Cyberpunk 2077 Android app infects gamers with ransomware

CoderWare ransomware is behind the scam: researchers note that it is easily decryptable. More
News Viruses and parasites   December 22, 2020  

Clop ransomware encrypts 1,000 Symrise computers

Symrise was forced to stop its production after a ransomware attack. More
News Viruses and parasites   December 21, 2020  

Goontact info-stealing spyware targets iOS and Android devices

Personal information targeting Goontact malware turns to Asian users, Kora, Japan, and Chinese speaking countries. More
News Viruses and parasites   December 16, 2020