Stay safe online - 2019-09-17

File STOPDecrypter.exe definition

STOPDecrypter.exe - a decryption tool created by security researchers to recover files locked by STOP ransomware. More
Files   September 13, 2019  

Maccleaner.pkg explanation

Maccleaner.pkg is the malicious installer related to numerous fake Mac optimization tools. More
Application files Files   September 06, 2019  

Do I need to remove hkcmd.exe?

Hkcmd.exe is an executable file that gets installed together with Intel's driver chipsets. More
Files System files   August 30, 2019  

Do I need Hxtsr.exe file?

Hxtsr.exe - a legitimate MS Outlook file that can be falsely detected as malicious by various security vendors. More
Application files Files   August 14, 2019  

Appnhost.exe file characteristics

Appnhost.exe - a part of the AppNHost service that can be misused by bad actors. More
Files Spyware related   August 07, 2019  

Utorrentie.exe explanation

utorrentie - an executable file that is responsible for delivering ads on your computer’s screen. More
Files Spyware related   August 05, 2019  

SmoothView.exe explained

SmoothView.exe - regularly a process of Toshiba Zooming Utility but can be misused by malicious actors. More
Files Spyware related   August 02, 2019  

Define temp.dll file. Do I need it?

Temp.dll is a dynamic link library file that might be related to adware or some legitimate Windows processes. More
Files Spyware related   August 01, 2019  

Do I need to remove bridge.dll?

Bridge.dll - a questionable component used for monitoring activities in IE that can be planted on the system by spyware. More
Files Spyware related   July 22, 2019  

Powershell.exe file characteristics

Powershell.exe is the executable file that belongs to Microsoft Windows and does not pose any danger to the device. More
Files System files   July 17, 2019  

Rundll32.exe information

Rundll32.exe is a legitimate Windows file used for DLL library distribution within system memory, although its name is also used by scammers. More
Files System files   July 16, 2019  

Is Elevation_service.exe a safe file?

Elevation_service.exe is the file needed for Google Chrome and Google Update repair functions that causes questionable errors and CPU usage. More
Application files Files   July 12, 2019  

What is the function of Explorer.exe

Explorer.exe is a legitimate Windows process responsible for file management UI. More
Files System files   July 11, 2019  

7.hta information

7.hta - a file that raises concerns for computer users. 7.hta is a file that is associated with TeamViewer app.More
Files System files   June 25, 2019  

Do I need to remove Sppextcomobjhook.dll?

Sppextcomobjhook.dll is a Dynamic Link Library file that is associated with Windows and MS Office cracking tools. More
Files Spyware related   June 17, 2019  
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