Stay safe online - 2020-07-02

Do I need Sppextcomobjpatcher.exe file?

Sppextcomobjpatcher.exe is an executable file known as KMSpico used for MS Office or Windows cracking. More
Files Spyware related System files   June 16, 2020  

Video.UI.exe explained

Video.UI.exe is an executable file that belongs to Xbox Live Entertainment Platform by Microsoft Corporation, but can sometimes be malware-related. More
Application files Files   April 27, 2020  

Do I need to remove - a malicious file that exploits the COVID-19 outbreak to infect users with malware. More
Files Spyware related   March 18, 2020  

What is svchost.exe

Svchost.exe is a completely legitimate file developed by Microsoft Corporation but the name might also be used by criminals for bad intentions. More
Files System files   February 17, 2020  

File Winrmsrv.exe information

Winrmsrv.exe is a legitimate executable created by Microsoft but might also indicate crypto-mining malware infection. More
Files System files   February 11, 2020  

SoundMixer.exe details and description

SoundMixer.exe is a malicious file that secretly mines cryptocurrency on your computer. More
Files Spyware related   January 13, 2020  

File Comrade.exe definition

Comrade.exe is a process that users who play GameSpy Comrade-dependent games may encounter on their systems. More
Application files Files   January 08, 2020  

Do I need to remove Avlaunch.exe?

Avlaunch.exe is the file belonging to the AV software Avast but can be abused by hackers due to a common name and file type. More
Application files Files   December 17, 2019  

Understanding WtuSystemSupport.exe file and its importance

WtuSystemSupport.exe is technically a part of AVG Web TuneUp but can be easily misused by malicious actors. More
Application files Files   December 17, 2019  

Is Aswidsagenta.exe a safe file?

Aswidsagenta.exe is Avast's Behavior Shield component that sometimes can cause high CPU usage. More
Application files Files   December 13, 2019  

Discordhookhelper.exe details and description

Discordhookhelper.exe is a file used for Discord's games overlay function. More
Application files Files   December 11, 2019  

Navlibx information

Navlibx is a legitimate file used by Norton Symantec security software. More
Application files Files   December 04, 2019  

Do I need to remove Vlc-updater.exe?

VLC Updater is an update component that belongs to a popular media player. More
Files   December 03, 2019  

How to remove MsMpEng.exe

MsMpEng.exe is an Antimalware Service Executable that belongs to Microsoft Defender anti-malware component. More
Files System files   November 19, 2019  

Understanding GoogleCrashHandler.exe file and its importance

GoogleCrashHandler.exe - a file that normally is a part of Google Updater but has been flagged as suspicious or malicious by 36 AV engines. More
Files Spyware related   November 18, 2019  
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