ESET joins Facebook to help it in a fight against malware

ESET joins Facebook to help it in a fight against malwareAnti-malware protection is a seriously important thing that was underestimated for years. If you have also been thinking that antivirus is the only tool that you need for keeping your PC safe, you were wrong. In reality, there are lots of viruses that can be eliminated only with a help of anti-malware..

The importance of this kind of security software has recently been approved by Facebook. According to the latest announcement, social network giant decided to select ESET’s software for trying to improve its abuse detection and prevention systems. In fact, it’s the third anti-malware vendor that was selected for trying to improve Facebook’s security. Why don’t they choose anti-virus vendors? Think about that.

Facebook started improving its security levels several years ago when another security vendor called BitDefender discovered that a fifth of its users are exposed to malware. After such and similar reports, the company decided to start its collaboration with F-Secure and Trend Micro. It seems that this collaboration was really successful because we have hardly seen a report about malware attacks on Facebook. However, malware keeps showing up each day, so there is no sit and wait.

So, what ESET, F-Secure and Trend Micro are trying to stop? The answer is really simple – bogus links and harmful sites that keep appearing in Facebook News Feeds and Messages each day. According to Facebook, that’s how it works:

if the device you’re using to access our services is behaving suspiciously and shows signs of a possible malware infection, a message will appear offering you an anti-malware scan for your device. You can run the scan, see the scan results, and disable the software all without logging out of Facebook — making it seamless and easy to clean up an infected device.

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