Isis Prison’s computer system hacked by the hacker who is jailed in it

You may have heard about the biggest criminal website called GhostMarket.Net. Owned by a teenager Nicholas Webber, it had 8,500 members that were using this site to share credit card details and other sensitive information stolen from unaware PC users. As it is known by now, this hacker had stolen £8 million from 65,000 bank accounts until he was arrested back in October, 2009. In the middle of 2011, Webber was sentenced to five years imprisonment and sent to the British institution that holds offenders aged under 25. It’s called HM Prison Isis. However, even after being trapped into the prison, hacker still found a way how to continue his career. He simply signed-up for the prison’s IT class.

According to DailyMail, in 2011 Nicholas Webber was somehow approved to take the classes that train prisoners about information technology. Of course, he didn’t sit still there and tried to hack into the main computer of the prison. Now it seems that this try was successfully accomplished, especially if we would try remember that in 2012 HM Prison Isis announced about technological problems, such as fingerprint-based system’s break and similar.

All this story of 2011 has been revealed only some weeks ago because of the prison’s IT teacher Michael Fox. We hope that it won’t repeat again.. Especially when notorious hackers are let to join the course.