Malware on a rampage – Transmission gets hacked again

Transmission website which provides file-sharing services has been under hackers assault again. After a quick recovery from the first hack in March, the cyber criminals decided to challenge the team of the website once again. A couple of months ago, the website was infected with KeRanger ransomware which preferred infecting Apple operating systems. Now cyber criminals have targetted the web page with another weapon – Keydnap backdoor.

The first to notice the malicious surprise lurking on the website was the ESET specialist. According to his speculations, the malware has been distributed only from the last days of August so the inflicted damage is not significantly severe. Nonetheless, those, who use the services of this website, might start panicking. Let us assure you that the virus has been terminated and the original version of the website has been restored.

This re-hijack sparks intriguing discussions and speculations about the hackers and their intentions. To prevent the cyber attacks, every Apple application is verified using a specific certificate. Likewise, the crooks used it to validate the malicious version of the website. The certificate belongs to an official person who is also the developer of several Apple applications. The cyber criminals might have employed a trojan or other information-stealing malware to perform the misdeed. Furthermore, this incident suggests that the same culprit might be behind these attacks. The hackers employed a similar technique to implement their malevolent plan. Likewise, these attacks might be a sort of a protest or revolt of the users affiliated with the website.

Mac OS users should be especially vigilant. The owners of the latest Mac versions system might have an advantage since the the operating system does not permit to open uncertified applications. It is possible to check the reliability of any program using Terminal app which can be found in the Utilities folder. To sum up, it is of utmost importance to strengthen your cyber security whether you are a Mac or Windows OS user. This hijack of the website is not the only case. Recently, the hackers have been targeting official and legitimate websites. So when you step into the vast spaces of the Internet, be aware of the cyber threats fishing for new victims. Keep your applications, especially security programs, up-to-date.

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