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“Biggest crypto giveaway of $100,000,000 by Elon Musk” scam Removal Guide

What is “Biggest crypto giveaway of $100,000,000 by Elon Musk” scam?

Beware of “Biggest crypto giveaway of $100,000,000 by Elon Musk” scam – you can lose thousands in crypto

"Biggest crypto giveaway of $100,000,000 by Elon Musk" scam

Recently, a massive cryptocurrency scam has surfaced across various social media platforms, promising an extraordinary giveaway of $100 million. The scam falsely claims that Elon Musk is organizing the “Biggest Crypto Giveaway,” luring users with the promise of doubling any Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, or Tether sent to provided wallet addresses. This fraudulent scheme is heavily promoted on Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and even YouTube ads.

Scammers use sophisticated AI-generated deepfake videos of Elon Musk to make the offer seem legitimate. They direct victims to fake websites designed to look like official Tesla sites, where they are encouraged to send their cryptocurrency to a specified address. Believing they will receive double the amount sent, many users fall prey to this deception. In reality, the scammers collect the funds and disappear, leaving victims with significant financial losses. This article explores the key features of this scam and how to protect yourself from such fraudulent activities.

Name “Biggest crypto giveaway of $100,000,000 by Elon Musk,” “Tesla crypto giveaway”
Type Scam, phishing, fake ad, redirect
Scam content A deepfake Elon Musk video attempts to convince users that they can double their crypto investment
Distribution Various social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, X, etc. as well as ads on YouTube or other popular platforms
Risks Loss of finances due to fake investments; redirects to other malware-laden, scam websites; installation of potentially unwanted or malicious software
Removal Do not click any links or download software from the scam site. If you did, immediately scan your system with SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner security software
Other tips To prevent third parties from tracking your online activities, we recommend clearing browser caches and other leftover files with FortectIntego

How the scam works

The mechanics of this cryptocurrency scam are sophisticated and well-coordinated, leveraging advanced technologies and social media platforms to maximize their reach and effectiveness. Here’s how the scam operates:

Use of Deepfake technology

Scammers employ AI and deepfake technology to create highly convincing fake videos of Elon Musk. These videos are meticulously crafted to look authentic, showing the fake Musk enthusiastically promoting the “Biggest crypto giveaway of $100,000,000.” By using deepfake technology, the scammers ensure that the videos are realistic enough to deceive even the most discerning viewers.

Promotion on social media

Once the deepfake videos are ready, scammers deploy them across various social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube ads are flooded with these fraudulent promotions. Bot accounts are used extensively to spread the message, ensuring that the fake “Tesla crypto giveaway” reaches a large audience quickly. The use of paid ads helps in targeting specific demographics, increasing the likelihood of attracting potential victims.

Fake websites

The ads and social media posts direct users to third-party websites that are designed to look like official Tesla sites. These fake websites are highly detailed, complete with Tesla branding, logos, and a professional layout. The sites provide further instructions on how to participate in the “Biggest crypto giveaway of $100,000,000,” reinforcing the illusion of legitimacy.

Tesla crypto giveaway scam

The hook

The central lure of the scam is the promise that Tesla will double any cryptocurrency sent to a specific wallet address. The message is clear and enticing: send Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, or Tether to the provided address, and receive double the amount in return. This promise of easy and substantial profit is what drives many victims to take the bait.

Here is one of the messages you might encounter on one of these sites:


During this unique event, you have the opportunity to take a share of 1,000 BTC & 10,000 ETH & 100,000,000 DOGE & 10,000,000 USDT. Have a look at the rules and don’t miss out on this. You can only participate once!

To participate, you can do the transaction using any wallet or exchange! Send the desired number of coins to the special address below. Once we receive your transaction, the doubled amount will be sent back to you immediately. You can only take part in our giveaway once, hurry up!


Once a victim is convinced, they proceed to send their cryptocurrency to the designated wallet address. The scammers then collect these funds and transfer them to untraceable fiat currency using decentralized exchanges. These exchanges provide anonymity, making it nearly impossible to track the scammers. After securing a substantial amount of cryptocurrency, the scammers vanish, leaving victims with nothing. The realization that they have been conned comes too late for most, resulting in significant financial losses.

What to do next?

Falling victim to the “Biggest crypto giveaway of $100,000,000” or any other “Tesla crypto giveaway” scam can be distressing. However, there are several steps you can take if you realize you have been scammed.

First, report the scam. Immediately contact the cryptocurrency exchange you used to send the funds. While the chances of recovery might be slim, informing them can help in tracking any suspicious activities related to your account. Additionally, report the scam to your local law enforcement agency, providing them with all the details, including transaction IDs and any communication with the scammers. It's also crucial to notify the platform where you found the scam, such as Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, or YouTube, as these sites have mechanisms for reporting fraudulent activities.

Next, secure your accounts. Change the passwords of all your online accounts, especially those related to your cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges, ensuring that you use strong, unique passwords. If you haven’t already, enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on all your accounts to add an extra layer of security. This step can help protect your accounts from unauthorized access.

Seek support and advice by contacting consumer protection agencies that might be able to offer assistance. In many countries, there are dedicated agencies that deal with online fraud. Additionally, consider joining online forums or support groups for scam victims. These communities can offer emotional support and practical advice on dealing with the aftermath of a scam.

Monitor your accounts closely for any unusual activity. If you notice anything suspicious, report it immediately to your bank or financial institution. Educate yourself about the latest scams and security practices to help you recognize and avoid potential scams in the future.

Finally, take care of your computer security. Because you have visited suspicious scam websites, it is best to scan your system for malware with security tools like SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner or Malwarebytes. With the help of FortectIntego, you can also clean up your computer and get rid of potential trackers.

Being a victim of a scam is unfortunate, but taking swift and decisive action can help mitigate the damage. Reporting the scam, securing your accounts, seeking support, and staying vigilant are key steps to recover and protect yourself in the future.

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