CCleaner bundled Avast Free Antivirus to its installer

Avast Free Antivirus comes together with CCleaner in not the most appropriate way

Avast Free Antivirus comes in the bundle with CCleaner

Avast purchased Piriform in the middle of 2017, and it may have led to poor choices made today. Even though CCleaner is a successful system optimization tool for over a decade, it faced a significant downturn once its servers were compromised with the malicious variant of the product[1].

It may be the reason why researchers have spotted that the security company offers Avast Free Antivirus bundled with the CCleaner installer[2]. Despite the fact that it is a widely used marketing method, consumers tend to find it highly inappropriate since potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) are also distributed via the same way.

However, by combining CCleaner and Avast Free Antivirus together, many computer users might bring their system security to another level. Sadly, the chosen distribution method seems to deteriorate the safety services both companies provide[3].

Bundling — method employed not only by Avast but also by shady developers of adware programs

This distribution technique is widely beloved by the contrivers of the potentially unwanted programs (PUPs)[4]. It is quite ironic since the Avast products should protect you from them. Maybe that is the reason why so many experts and consumers contradict with this tactic employed by the security company.

Bundling brings the ability for developers to increase the rate of distribution. However, the computer users are not notified about the additional installation of the Avast Free Antivirus and lose their ability to choose whether they want it or not.

Therefore, if you have recently downloaded CCleaner, note that the Avast Free Antivirus might also be stealthily infiltrated on your system.

Besides, it becomes quite hard to determine the origins of the application offered in the software-bundles and many people might recognize it as an adware program. It may lead to a significant decrease in the consumer trust which the company has earned over the years.

Learn how to avoid the secret installation for the Avast Free Antivirus

You can protect your system from unwanted programs by following a few simple steps each time you download a new application.[5] In this case, once you launch the CCleaner installer, choose Custom or Advanced settings and unmark the pre-selected “Get Avast Free Antivirus now” box.

Note that you should avoid opting for Quick or Recommended installation since it does not disclose the necessary information to prevent the infiltration of the adware and other unwanted programs.

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