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Get Virus Activity Plugin

The 2-spyware team also kindly invites webmasters to join the fight against cyber criminals and help spread the news about computer threats that are currently on the rise globally. Virus Activity plugin is a multi-language addition to your website that serves information about the latest and most dangerous malware and spyware variants.

The widget shows a list of recently discovered computer threats as well as ones that recently became active again. The length of the said list can be configured to present a set number of active computer viruses.

Virus Activity WordPress plugin

Let your visitors know they can remove spyware quickly

You can add the Virus Activity plugin to the sidebar or footer. One look at the widget will alert the visitor about an ongoing ransomware campaign, new banking malware version or a browser hijacker that is actively distributed alongside free software. Visitors of your website will receive the latest information about aggressive Windows, Mac and Android OS malware versions as the list of threats is updated daily. 

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2-spyware is a respectable technology news website which primarily focuses on the topics of cyber security, privacy as well as the latest malware trends and tendencies. Our essential goal is to keep the web community up-to-date with the multiplicity of challenges that the virtual world presents on the daily basis. We kindly welcome submissions that touch upon these topics.

It is important to note that does not employ the format of a social news site, so any user-generated content that we receive is reviewed by our editorial board. Our staff reserves the right to change, format, edit, supplement or abridge the submissions according to the internal rules and regulations.

Our requirements for your article

Requirements for the article

There are a few guidelines the applicants are required to follow regarding the content of the submission, text quality, article structure, and images.

1. Choosing your topic

 It is the responsibility of the applicant to check the legitimacy of their sources. Avoid fake news as such entries will be rejected. Also, before sending in your entry, please make sure an article covering the same issue has not been published on our website already.

The submission may develop a featured topic only if it complements it with some new and relevant information. Running the related keywords through the site’s internal search engine will display information that we already have on our site.

IMPORTANT: we only accept original content:

  • We will reject plagiarised articles or texts manipulated in other ways.
  • If you are citing other works, please include explicit references to the authors and titles of your cited works (include at least 5).
  • The same article should not be submitted or featured in other journals.
  • We only allow follow links in the top-quality articles. Plagiarized content may be blocked indefinitely.

2. Preparing the text

The articles should constitute of at least 500 words. Please make sure you formulate a fluent, reader-friendly text, conforming to the grammatical, syntactic and semantic rules of language. Use formal register and stay consistent throughout the text.

Minor mistakes are passable, but we kindly suggest using language-proofing tools to improve the quality and readability of your entry as much as possible.

3. Structuring the article

Stick to a basic article structure:

  • introduction,
  • body,
  • conclusions.

In other words, make your text both coherent and cohesive. Paragraphing will make it easier for you to set forward your ideas and findings as well as shorten the duration of the entry evaluation at our end.

4. Adding images

Illustrating submissions with images is encouraged. The images should be original and scaled to the aspect ratio of 16:9. Copyright-infringing images are not accepted.

N.B.: We also accept infographics, in case you wish to convey your findings in a more visual medium.

General regulations and how to submit an article

All contributions should be sent to Depending on the user activity, it typically takes us up to 10 business days to review the articles. If the submission is selected for publishing, we will send a confirmation email to the address from which it was sent. If you haven’t heard from us after the two-week deadline, feel free to publish your work in other journals.

IMPORTANT: We have a strict follow/nofollow link policy. If you want us to feature follow links to your resources, you must be an active writer and submit AT LEAST 2 articles per month. After a month of inactivity, the follow links will automatically switch to nofollow. We should emphasize that we may also perform this procedure manually if we find recurrent plagiarism in your provided resources.

We also expect you to be an active member of 2-spyware community, i.e.: set up a user profile providing a photo of yourself, your real name and a brief biography. We take cyber security seriously, so we want to make sure our contributors do too.