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Remove Tuto4PC (Tutorial)

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How does Tuto4PC virus operate?

If you have come across via Tuto4PC Group site looking for tutorials on how to use a certain program, you better quit it immediately, or you might get convinced to install Tuto4PC virus. This fraudulent company suggests installing an ad-supported program – OneSoftPerDay which offers installing various third-party applications for free or for a lower price. However, there are more products that this shady company has released and that we recommend you to stay away from – it’s PackEditorTools and System Healer. The user is asked to install the vague application in exchange for the possibility to download tutorials. Sadly, it seems that this company bundles these programs with a cocktail of malicious elements. It is also worth noting that Tuto4PC is just a rebranded Eorezo Group company, which was also making money via adware-type programs.

The malicious application by Tuto4PC does not only display misleading advertisements in pop-up windows and banners but reportedly can set up a backdoor on the infected PC and silently download more spyware or malware onto the system without asking for user’s permission at all. For instance, users have reported that it can install Delta Search hijacker onto systems. According to latest malware researchers’ reports, over 12 million computers have been infected with Tuto4PC malware. What is even worse is that programs published by this company seem to be bringing Wizz Trojan into infected computers. This Trojan can freely carry out illegal activities, for instance, collect personally identifiable data, download, install and run malicious files. In other words, installing malware suggested by Tuto4PC is a terrible idea because it can seriously wreak havoc on the compromised PC. What is more, this malware is programmed to check if computer security programs are running and launch itself only if these programs are absent.

The Tuto4PC virus drops the following files on the system:

  • Tuto4pc_pl_1.exe;
  • Sangguni.exe;
  • TUTO4PCBHO.dll;
  • Didaktik.exe;
  • TutoriaisSlimbaBHO.dll;
  • Tuto4pc.exe;
  • TutoriaisSftonicBHO.dll;
  • Tutoriaisslimba.exe;
  • Tutoriaissftonic.exe;
  • Tuto4PC_widget.exe;
  • Unins000.exe;
  • Unins001.exe;
  • Unins002.exe.

Questions about Tuto4PC

If you have been infected with this malware, do not waste any more time and remove Tuto4PC virus using anti-malware software. We recommend using the Reimage Reimage Cleaner software. Please do not try to remove this virus manually – it is a sophisticated malware variant that even professional IT experts find it hard to remove it. Besides, this malware variant can freely download and install additional software on your computer, and it will be easier just to run automatic Tuto4PC removal tool to catch all spyware and malware infections and remove them all at once.

Screenshot of Tuto4PC site

How does Tuto4PC infect user’s computers?

Just like we have said, Tuto4PC malware can be downloaded from official company’s website, but it might also reach user’s computer and hijack it when installed along with another free program. Tuto4PC hijack guarantees a number of problems for the computer user, so it is a matter of utmost importance to keep this malware away. Therefore, we recommend you never to install any software developed by Tuto4PC, and also watch how you install any type of free software. Choosing Custom or Advanced settings for the installation is highly recommended – they allow users to adjust components of the download and reject all additional applications added. Just like we have said, avoid anything that’s published by Tuto4PC company.

How to remove Tuto4PC malware?

Spyware or malware similar to Tuto4PC hijack systems silently, so if you have become a victim of such attack, waste no more time and scan your system with anti-malware software. In case you encounter problems trying to launch or use your anti-malware software, reboot your PC in Safe Mode with Networking first. Tuto4PC virus is no regular spyware infection – it is way more than that. If your anti-virus program cannot detect it, please run several scans with one of our recommended programs – only this way you will complete Tuto4PC removal. Below, you can see how other anti-malware programs identify this threat:

  • Win32:Eorezo-BL;
  • Adware.Win32.EoRezo.AMN;
  • Win32/Adware.EoRezo.AO;
  • Adware/EoRezo.G;
  • Application.Generic.407735;
  • Adware-Tuto4PC.
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Alternative Software
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  1. Lena says:
    October 5th, 2016 at 10:32 am

    This malware is on my PC! oh my god

  2. Hazey says:
    October 5th, 2016 at 10:33 am

    Thanks for sharing such information with us… Now I feel that I definitely need anti-malware program. Viruses do not disappear on their own

  3. freida says:
    October 5th, 2016 at 10:35 am

    I would like to advise no to try to look for tuto4pc elements manually. its not that simple

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