The Fappening 2018: nudes of Jorgie Porter were leaked

Private pictures of Jorgie Porter were stolen and published online

Nude pictures of Jorgie Porter leaked

Former Hollyoaks star Jorgie Porter became another victim of the Fappening[1] 2018. According to reports, the actress is captured in different sexual positions and posing topless with Stephanie Davis, who was also featured in Channel 4’s soap opera. It is believed that these pictures and videos were leaked from her hacked iCloud account.[2]

The explicit content was also featured on porn sites – something the 30-year old feels devastated about. Jorgie Porter’s friend mentioned that she is “so upset” and that “these images were never meant to be shared widely.”

It still unknown if Porter contacted the police to start the investigation to get her pictures removed from the websites and find people who are responsible for the hack. The actress did not make any public comments yet.

Hundreds of celebrities already suffered from the Fappening

Apple devices are configured to store all the media recorded on iCloud account automatically. Additionally, some people want to keep the feature on as it is a great way to back personal files. Thus, hackers abuse this feature and steal sensitive information not only from the general population but also from celebrities.

Stolen personal pictures can be used for blackmailing people. However, criminals who hacked celebrity iCoud accounts did not seem to have this goal. In 2014, hackers launched targeted phishing attack in order to get access to famous people, mostly women, iCloud accounts. It is assumed that attackers want to shame women.

Among victims of the fappening 2014 were actresses Jennifer Lawrence,[3] Kate Upton, Kristen Dunst and many others. However, hackers continue posting stolen X-rated pictures of famous people for four years. The latest victims of The Fappening 2018 include Mikaela Hoover (Actress in Guardians of the Galaxy), Maria Kanellis (World Wrestling Championship star), Blac Chyna[4] (model and entrepreneur), and Charissa Thompson (Fox Sports host).

Phishing emails helped to hack iCloud accounts

According to the investigation, cybercriminals sent targeted phishing emails[5] to actresses, models and other famous people. Clever social engineering technique and perfectly created emails did not leave any suspicions. Victims were tricked by the simple hoax that asked to enter their iCloud or Google credentials to a corrupted website.

As soon as victims entered their logins and passwords in the legitimate-looking sites, they gave access to their private information. Nevertheless, people responsible for iCloud hack and sensitive data leak in 2014 were punished; the fappening continues in 2018.

However, anyone can become a victim of data loss. Therefore, users are advised to watch out for phishing emails from Apple and Google. Do not rush clicking links in the email and entering your credentials to avoid getting your photos or videos leaked online.

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