What’s new on 2-Spyware.com – Issue 5, July, 2006

MySpace – a playground for malware pushers?
New trojan installs itself as a Firefox extension
Ad injection
Parasite removal guides
A sophisticated phish
SpyHeal. A replacement for Spyware Quake?
Second lawsuit over WGA filed
Still using Windows 98 or Windows Me?

Infamous parasites
Tricker, a trojan
Amirecivel.h, a worm
Tervserv, a backdoor
FireSpy (Snifula), a trojan
SearchNet, a browser hijacker
Jalabed.b, a worm
Svcstor, a trojan
Rustock.b, a backdoor
Sixem.c, a worm
Amirecivel.f, a worm
Emcodec.e, a trojan

Corrupt anti-spyware products
Easy SpyRemover

New and renewed anti-spyware products
Spy Sweeper
Ashampoo AntiSpyWare

Removal guides
Spyware Quake and SpyQuake2.com Removal Guide

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