Stay safe online - 2018-01-16

Savings Slider

Savings Slider is potentially unwanted program, which should be categorized as adware.More
Adware Viruses   May 02, 2013  

Window Shopper (2)

Window Shopper is a sneaky adware virus, which keeps displaying its potentially unwanted notifications filled with commercial offers as soon as it infects the system.More
Adware Viruses   April 29, 2013  

Special Savings

Special Savings is a program, which offers to get the latest information about coupons, promotions and deals.More
Adware Viruses   March 07, 2013  

Instant Savings

Instant Savings is a potentially unwanted program, adware, which can easily come inside the system in one pack with other programs.More
Adware Viruses   March 02, 2013 is a website, which offers to check their insurance comparisons, such as Life Insurance comparison, Home Insurance Comparison, Auto Insurance Comparison and similar.More
Adware Viruses   January 21, 2013  

MySuperCheap removal

MySuperCheap is an adware infection, which completely bombards its victims with continuous popup ads filled with various offers for hotels, cruises, car rentals, vacations, flights, health and similar.More
Adware Viruses   January 08, 2013  

FTalk virus (1)

fTalk is a program, which can also be presented as a free Facebook chat client helping to improve chat on this social network.More
Adware Viruses   December 16, 2012  

Online HD TV removal

Online HD TV is a page, which allows you to watch your favorite TV broadcasts live or simply lets you download video files straight to your computer.More
Adware Viruses   November 27, 2012  

Terminate BearShare Mediabar (1)

BearShare Mediabar may look like a typical search bar. However, after letting it in, it starts actings as adware: it not only installs itself on all user accounts, but changes user's homepage, displays annoying pop-up ads, causes redirections to other sites and sometimes even downloads other suspicious application... More
Adware Viruses   September 21, 2012  

Terminate “Fatal Error!” Pop up (2)

"Fatal Error!" pop up is a phony alert notice from rogue anti-spyware WinCoDecPRO.More
Adware Viruses   June 06, 2012  

Redirect removal steps (7)

Redirect is an Internet Explorer toolbar implemented as IE Browser Helper Object.More
Adware Viruses   May 22, 2012  


Adware.ZangoSearch is an adware program, which monitors your internet browser windows.More
Adware Viruses   May 09, 2012  

Lsas.Blaster.Keylogger (18)

Lsas.Blaster.Keylogger is a bogus security threat displayed in a fake security alert from rogue anti-spyware application called System Security.More
Adware Viruses   April 01, 2012  

“Google has detected” web page (1)

"Google has detected…" web page is a fake notification generated by rogue anti-spyware called System Protector.More
Adware Viruses   March 20, 2012  

“Internal Conflict Alert” Pop up (1)

"Internal Conflict Alert" Pop up is a fallacious security alert form fake spyware remover called ANG Antivirus 09.More
Adware Viruses   February 01, 2012