What is Adware? Definition and Analysis in depth
Stay safe online - 2019-05-24

Database of adware

May 22, 2019


Lodder.club is a malicious URL displaying “allow notifications” messages to hijack your desktop. More
May 21, 2019


Trojan.U83 is a non-existent virus name that crooks use to promote their cleverly engineered online scam. More
May 21, 2019


Gotwidores.info – a virus using “show notifications” ads to root deep into the system. More
May 21, 2019


Pro-news.net is a suspicious website that serves a variety of ads and redirects to potentially dangerous sites. More
May 21, 2019


Rabsirolcalat.info is the website that causes more problems with the computer than constant redirects. More
May 21, 2019


Gatonsenropha.info is the socially engineered site that tricks users into subscribing to push notifications and additional content from this or any similar site. More
May 21, 2019


Bikereddint.info – the web page that is associated with the adware-type program that sends intrusive commercial content and tricks into allowing push notifications. More
May 20, 2019


Txtnews.online – notifications virus that is directly related to adware. More
May 20, 2019


Apple.com-fasting.live is one of many websites used to scam Mac users about fake virus infections. More
May 17, 2019

MapsFrontier virus

Maps Frontier is a PUP which promises traffic updates, but brings unwanted advertisements. More
May 17, 2019

Traffic-media.co ads

Traffic Media – an adware-based app that claims to be created for advertisers. More
May 17, 2019


Push-Notification.top is a suspicious website that displays intrusive ads and slows down all the installed browsers. More
May 17, 2019


Bodelen.com is an unsafe domain that redirects users to misleading websites and even scams. More
May 16, 2019

Advanced Mac Cleaner virus

Advanced Mac Cleaner – is a MacOS scam promoted as the useful program that improves the performance of your computer. More
May 15, 2019


Xilbalar.com is the website related to advertising services that cause redirects and unwanted content on computers and mobile devices. More
May 14, 2019


Youtubnow.com is the website that allows converting videos from YouTube, although also spams users with ads. More
May 14, 2019


Utbutretcelac.info is the potentially unwanted program causing advertisements to appear in places they shouldn't be, that categorizes as adware. More
May 13, 2019


TopicLookup is an adware application that disturbs Mac users with intrusive advertisements and slows down the web browser. More
May 13, 2019


Bestlucky.site – a pop-up scam that keeps targeting iPhone and Android users. More
May 13, 2019


Searchnotifyfriends.info is the push notifications virus redirecting users to questionable sites promoting fake optimization tools. More
May 13, 2019


Apple.com-faster.live – a scamming app that claims about a fake trojan virus detected on Mac. More
May 13, 2019


PUP.Optional.Legacy is a heuristic name displayed by antivirus tools indicating adware infection . More
May 10, 2019


Xml.seavibes.club – an adware-based program that can take users to affiliate pages such as yeesshh.com. More
May 10, 2019


Allneed.pro – a typical adware app that gathers its revenue from the pay-per-click technique. More
May 09, 2019


Yourtuber.info is the adult-related site which can lead you to PUPs and malware . More
May 09, 2019


Newswe.org – an ad-supported app that produces a Show Notifications message for ad display. More
May 07, 2019


Goodluckday site – an adware-based virus which redirects to scam pages on MacOS and iOS devices. More

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