What is Adware? In Depth analysis and removal guides
Stay safe online - 2023-12-11

Database of adware

December 11, 2023

Penadclub.com ads

Penadclub.com misleads users only to insert malicious ads into their systems.
December 08, 2023

ExemplaryDatabase Mac virus

ExemplaryDatabase is a Mac virus that can breach your privacy and install additional payloads.
December 05, 2023

SystemCyberspace Mac virus

SystemCyberspace is a type of malware that can steal data and install additional malicious extensions.
December 04, 2023

News-pitaro.com ads

News-pitaro.com is using deception to make visitors allow push notifications.
November 30, 2023

Veinmaster.top ads

Veinmaster.top is a dubious site that causes push notification spam on users' browsers.
November 28, 2023

News-jeraje.com ads

News-jeraje.com might start showing intrusive ads and other deceptive content even when your browser is closed.
November 27, 2023

WouldLatest Mac virus

WouldLatest is a Mac virus that might put your personal safety at risk.
November 24, 2023

Firecrafters.top ads

Firecrafters.top ads bring malicious links to your desktop.
November 23, 2023

NavigateEngine mac virus

NavigateEngine is a virus that specifically targets Mac systems and causes ads.
November 22, 2023

UpgradeIndex Mac virus

UpgradeIndex is a malicious Mac application capable of stealing your personal data.
November 22, 2023

News-fepoho.com ads

News-fepoho.com is used by fraudsters to make money from pay-per-click advertising.
November 21, 2023

Videovhd1.shop ads

Videovhd1.shop shows misleading messages to make users subscribe to push notifications.
November 21, 2023

QueueWindow mac virus

QueueWindow is a virus that can infect Mac systems and cause adware or hijacking symptoms.
November 20, 2023

Weromogros.co.in ads

Weromogros.co.in is a malicious website that can negatively impact your browsing experience.
November 17, 2023

ElementsPerf Mac virus

ElementsPerf is a dangerous Mac app that can compromise your safety.
November 17, 2023

News-nosuge.cc ads

News-nosuge.cc is a dubious site that collects revenue from push notifications.
November 15, 2023

Spadshub.com ads

Spadshub.com delivers intrusive ads that may be dangerous for your computer.
November 15, 2023

PrimaryLauncher mac virus

PrimaryLauncher is a Mac virus that can cause ads, change browser settings, or install PUPs.
November 14, 2023

WindowsEncapsulate Mac virus

WindowsEncapsulate is a malicious Mac application stemming from one of the more common Mac malware family.
November 14, 2023

Sailfishs.com ads

Sailfishs.com is a dubious site created for the purpose of tricking everyday users.
November 13, 2023

Streamvideoplayer.co.in ads

Streamvideoplayer.co.in shows misleading statements to to visitors in order to make them enable push notifications.
November 10, 2023

Totalniceposts.com ads

Totalniceposts.com is a deceptive website that prompts users to enable notifications to deliver intrusive ads.
November 10, 2023

News-rolewa.cc ads

News-rolewa.cc is a bogus site designed to trick people into subscribing to pop-up ads.
November 08, 2023

Theamdads.com ads

Theamdads.com is a fake site asking users to enable notifications in a deceptive manner.
November 07, 2023

Wisstux.info scam

Wisstux.info scam claims antivirus has expired to trick them into downloading and paying for software.
November 07, 2023

News-zobuti.cc ads

News-zobuti.cc is a shady site set up by crooks to generate income from push notifications.
November 06, 2023

Silvermason.top ads

Silvermason.top shows misleading messages to convince people to subscribe to unwanted ads.
November 03, 2023

Tpwrldnws.com ads

Tpwrldnws.com is a malicious website that tries to scam users.
November 03, 2023

Smarter Surf

Smarter Surf is a browser extension that acts as adware and causes unwanted activity.
October 31, 2023

Openspecificwhite.com ads

Openspecificwhite.com ads might bring you to misleading or even malicious websites.
October 30, 2023

Verify.safeadd.com scam

Verify.safeadd.com uses scam techniques to trick users into downloading software.
October 27, 2023

CladZap mac virus

CladZap is a dangerous Mac virus that has hijacking and adware capabilities.
October 26, 2023

Abelectivirean.com ads

Abelectivirean.com was created by crooks to trick people into subscribing to pop-up ads.
October 24, 2023

News-kuraxa.cc ads

News-kuraxa.cc is a malicious website that misleads users using deceptive techniques.