What is Adware? In Depth analysis and removal guides
Stay safe online - 2020-07-02

Database of adware

July 02, 2020


DiskFixer – a fake system optimizer that is detected by multiple AV vendors. More
July 02, 2020


UtilityParse is a Mac virus that asks to gain access to Safari or another web browser. More
July 02, 2020

Browser Assistant

Browser Assistant – adware bundler published by Realistic Media that promotes, downloads and installs potentially unwanted programs. More
July 02, 2020


Adteacbarbe.info is the redirect that shows various unwanted advertisements and leads to questionable domains with monetization aims. More
July 01, 2020


WebAssistSearch is the intruder categorized as adware due to shady commercial content delivery and questionable symptoms. More
July 01, 2020

Livesport.ws virus

Livesport.ws is an ad-supported Russian website that pushes its sports-related news and bet sites in an intrusive way. More
June 30, 2020


Newmode.biz is a fake site, which aggressively pushes the subscription of the intrusive notifications. More
June 29, 2020


Megafinder.xyz is the adware-type intruder that shows irritating ads and annoys you with those unwanted redirects. More
June 26, 2020


Revcontent – adware which collects specific information about users' habits online to create personalized ads. More
June 26, 2020


MessengerHub is the shady application that behaves like a typical adware-type PUP. More
June 25, 2020

Soap2Day virus

Soap2Day is a free movie watching website that may display dangerous ads tricking into downloading malware. More
June 23, 2020


InstallCore adware that can generate intrusive ads for generating pay-per-click revenue. More
June 23, 2020


LookWebResults is an application that allegedly claims to improve users' web browsing experience. More
June 22, 2020

DNS Unlocker adware

DNS Unlocker – the program that spreads around silently and can be detected as Adware.DNSUnlocker. More
June 22, 2020


Edundedpra.club is a browser scam that tries to make that uses social engineering for nefarious purposes. More
June 22, 2020


Prozipper is a browser-based application that may present its users with sponsored content. More
June 19, 2020


Graizoah.com is the browser-based threat that creates redirects and possibly indicates the adware infection . More
June 18, 2020


Nbryb.com virus is a term used to describe a news portal that uses an aggressive scheme for pushing notifications and triggering browser's redirects. More
June 17, 2020

SaveFrom.net helper

SaveFrom.net Helper is a YouTube downloading service that might show intrusive ads and disrupt daily browsing sessions. More
June 17, 2020


Xml.sunnycoast.xyz is the program that interferes with browsing online activities because it is designed to collect views and page visits . More
June 15, 2020


Sendspace.com is the domain name that can be called malicious due to the unwanted web browser activities it causes. More
June 15, 2020

Auto Refresh Malware

Auto Refresh Malware is a deceptive Google Chrome addon that is underrated for causing redirects and displaying pornographic ads. More
June 15, 2020


Seamletneds.club is the program based on adware-type intruder methods because it focuses on redirecting . More
June 11, 2020


Eaes.2track.info is a malicious website that displays porn and malicious content to users. More
June 11, 2020

Max Utilities

Max Utilities – Windows optimization tool that has a poor reputation due to misleading distribution and performance. More
June 09, 2020

One Updater

One Updater – a potentially unwanted application that should not be trusted for your program updating process. More
June 08, 2020

MacKeeper pop-up ads

MacKeeper – the program that should provide useful features and improve the performance of macOS devices. More
June 08, 2020


Js/Adware.Agent.AW is a generic name of adware that settled down on Google Chrome and other web browsers. More
June 05, 2020


CreativeSearch – Mac virus that might inject other malicious apps on your system. More
June 04, 2020


Pushails.com – a dubious website which might indicate adware infection. More
June 03, 2020


Turbostream is the adware-type program that creates issues with the online content when creates . More

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