Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp (Easy Removal Guide) - updated Sep 2019

Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp Removal Guide

What is Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp?

Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp is a fake Google Calendar notification that leads users to malicious sites

Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUpYour iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp is the scam targeting people that use Google email service with its malicious campaign. Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp is a Google Calendar Spam variant that stems from a malspam campaign. As soon as the malicious email is received, it is placed into a Spam box, but the Google mail automatically adds those events to your calendar.

Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp, and similar Calendar spam events is a new method of scamming people, and it automatically works since there is no need for user permission due to default Gmail settings. These notifications came to light recently, and users claim that such events in the calendar result in redirects to various malicious websites[1] that ask for personal information or might even trigger malware infections. Therefore, you should never click on or similar links in these Google Calendar Spam events.

Fortunately, Google is concerned and is working on a fix that would stop users from receiving automatic notifications seemingly out of nowhere. It is highly likely that the company will have to improve its built-in scanner in order to filter malicious spam emails like Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp or You Have Won iPhone X Max from AppleStore – Google already posted an update, claiming that it is working on the problem that thousands of Gmail users are facing currently.[2] To find out how to stop Google spam events from being shown, please check out the removal section below.

Name Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp
Type Scam
Targets Google Calendar/ Gmail users
Related You Have Won iPhone X Max from AppleStore
Symptoms The email shows up with statements about a prize you won, additional events get set on your Google Calendar
Aim To trick people into visiting the malicious site, revealing their personal or credit card details
Distribution Email notifications, PUPs, deceptive websites
Elimination Get anti-malware tool and scan the machine to remove Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp with all the traces

Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp causes spam events in the calendar and contains links to external websites, in most cases, filled with malicious scripts or triggering more redirects and pop-ups. This is intrusive, and many people can think that their accounts get hacked when it happens. However, this is a result of a scam campaign, although it might also result in adware[3] or even malware infection if the malicious links get clicked.[3]

The email with an invite gets on your email and mainly in spam folder, but you don't need to open the notification yourself because Gmail automatically scans the email box, including spam section and adds the even to your calendar. This is why all the Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp notifications get access to send you direct pop-ups.[4]

Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp scam is a more advanced campaign because there is no need to bombard tons of users with pop-ups until one of them clicks on the link. This technique saves time for scammers – invading users' screens with shady links becomes easy. Besides all the events that are genuine, such as flight reminders, hotel stays, car pickups, and similar, the list of suspicious notifications appears in the calendar as well – all because of a malicious email that was sent to you by cybercriminals.

Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp scamYour iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp is the phishing campaign that takes advantage of Google Calendar auto-adding events feature.

The description of the Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp virus event shows instruction on getting the reward and claiming the prize of cash or the promised iPhone XsMax. However, once the email gets opened, and the malicious link clicked tons of pop-ups redirect you to surveys that tricks the victim into revealing personal details.

Getting personal information, financial details, or even money directly from the victim is the primary goal of scammers, in most of the cases. You need to remove Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp as soon as possible without visiting the content that is included in the event or the follow-up email.

If you didn't click on the email with Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp message, you can think that the scammer campaign was resultless and your system is safe from the damage and attack. However, you still need to react to the behavior as soon as possible.

Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp removal process depends heavily on the actions you have taken already:

  • if you haven't clicked on those links or events and other pop-ups, there is a high chance that you avoided the infiltration of malware. So you need to report the spam, change your Google calendar settings and prevent the decline events from being shown.
  • if you did click on one of the malicious links, you should immediately scan your computer with security software, as automated scripts might be programmed to install malware without your interaction – we suggest using FortectIntego, although other reputable program can do the job as well.
  • if you provided personal information, such as credit card details, contact your bank immediately and ask for advice. Additionally, change all your passwords.

Calendar spam events can lead to more serious malware infections and result in system damage, so avoid clicking on suspicious notifications. Experts[5] say that if you already noticed those events added out of nowhere, you should check the email box for such emails and clean the notifications in general, to avoid other malware infiltration that tends to spread via email.

Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp virusYour iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp is a fake notification that claims about prizes to trick people into visiting the provided sites filled with malicious content.

Scammers hide their products in spam emails and freeware installation setups

Phishing emails are mostly used to spread malware, such as ransomware or banking Trojans. These are one of the most dangerous computer infections, and, by now, most users learned how to recognize these fake emails and never click on malicious attachments that would allow malware to spread through the system.

However, due to the Gmail functionality and its default settings, users might be getting Google Calendar Spam without clicking on links or opening attachments – simply because they were sent a spam email. Therefore, it is important to recognize the new type of scam while Google is working on the fix.

If you received the fake Calendar notification about an iPhone or Samsung phone, you should immediately check your inbox and spam box for spam emails, as these are the culprits of the immediate pop-ups on your phone or tablet. You should report such emails and block the sender. However, because your email is being targeted with scam campaigns, you should change your password as a precautionary measure.

Get rid of the Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp virus and other possibly installed programs

You shouldn't interact with those shady notifications and emails that state about winnings or prizes. Remove Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp from the system as soon as possible – although you should first report the malicious event to Google (double-click the scam entry on your calendar, then select More actions and Report as Spam). You should do that with anti-malware tools and make sure that the program finds all the possibly related PUPs.

However, the additional tip for Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp removal is to help you avoid the repetition of such campaigns. For that, change settings in your Google Calendar:

  • Click on the gear icon (Settings) at the top-right corner of your Calendar.
  • Pick Event settings on from the left pane.
  • Under Event Settings on the right, pick No, only show invitations to which I have responded from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Events from Gmail on the left.
  • Untick the Automatically add events from Gmail to my calendar box to stop Gmail from automatically accepting Calendar events.
  • Finally, under View options, untick Show declined events entry to stop seeing the Calendar spam events you already declined.

Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp - disable notificationsTo stop the fake Your iPhone Xs Max is ready for PickUp messages from showing up on your calendar, tweak Google Calendar settings.

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