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The best anti-malware software of 2017

Choosing the best anti-malware software for your computer. More
General News   January 11, 2017  

New ransomware tricks: MongoDB databases and UK schools among targets

MongoDB databases have been reportedly hit by at least eight organized crime groups, which managed to hack more than 27,000 servers.More
General News   January 09, 2017  

Hacker CyberZeist hacked FBI website again

At the end of December 2016, the well-known hacker CyberZeist hacked FBI website again.More
General News   January 06, 2017  

The use of ransomware is now a felony in California

Last year, California’s Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that claims that the usage of ransomware is a criminal activity, and such activity must be punished.More
General News   January 05, 2017  

5 scam types you should beware of in 2017

What scams should we expect in 2017. When it comes to scheming and virtual felonies, computer aces empower all resources of imagination to entrap users in their predetermined scenarios.More
General News   January 04, 2017  

Android user? Beware of the Super Mario Run imposter!

Super Mario Run has achieved a great success after being released on App Store last December. This iOS app from Nintendo has been downloaded over 40 million times just within a few days after its release and currently stands first in the Free Apps category.More
General News   January 03, 2017  

The little secret from Microsoft is revealed, and it’s called Green Screen of Death

Will Blue Screen of Death be replaced with green system crash screen?More
General News   January 02, 2017  

Christmas present from Mozilla Firefox: support for Windows XP and Vista extended

Representatives of Mozilla Firefox have just announced that they are extending the support for Windows XP and Vista operating systems .More
General News   December 28, 2016  

Bitcoin holders under siege as cryptocurrency value increases

This holiday season has been especially successful for the Bitcoin holders as the price of this cryptocurrency has drastically sprung up.More
General News   December 28, 2016  

New Cerber distribution strategy makes the victims clutch their wallets

The Black Friday quickly swept by, but the online shoppers are still actively stacking up goods for the upcoming holidays.More
General News   December 14, 2016  

Scammer’s dream: researcher finds vulnerabilities in Microsoft Edge browser

Online security and software’s resistance to hacking has always been one of the main priorities to the software’s developers.More
General News   December 13, 2016  

Can Malwarebytes 3.0 actually replace your antivirus?

American Internet security company Malwarebytes decided to please their customers with a new version of their anti-malware software this holiday season.More
General News   December 09, 2016  

Ransomware developers are not done attacking hospitals just yet

This year, the evil-minded creators of the file-locking ransomware viruses seem to be especially fixated upon targeting the most sensitive parts of social services and infrastructure.More
General News   December 07, 2016  

Cyber criminals shoot their daggers at Dailymotion – 85 million accounts hacked

After Locky virus had invaded the social network, it is no surprise that crooks quickly found a new target – Dailymotion.More
General News   December 06, 2016  

New malicious spam campaign stokes Cerber distribution

According to the virus researchers, Cerber currently stands in the third place among the most actively distributed ransomware viruses out there.More
General News   November 30, 2016