Stay safe online - 2019-01-17

Free rides on Thanksgiving day? Ransomware hacks San Francisco’s transport system

As ransomware remains to be a hot topic in the cyber space, it is steadily transcending into the real world.More
General News   November 28, 2016  

Firefox Focus, a Mozilla browser that sets new Web privacy standards

With the raising demand of online privacy, Web developers are simply obliged to step up their game and focus on providing private and secure services that the users can rely on and trust.More
General News   November 25, 2016  

You can now get infected with Locky ransomware through Facebook!

Facebook’s instant messaging may have just become more dangerous than ever before as the virus experts have come across a trail of the infamous Locky virus spam campaign.More
General News   November 21, 2016  

Locky developers employ fake Flash Player updates to infect more computers

Locky virus developers have always been in the leading role when it comes to making up ways to spread the malicious viruses around.More
General News   November 18, 2016  

Black Friday-themed scams are spreading on social networks

Black Friday has been celebrated for 84 years in the United States.More
General News   November 17, 2016  

OPM breach aftermath: Locky exploits data stolen from the victims

Locky virus has been admitted as one of the most active cyber infections in the first half of this year.More
General News   November 14, 2016  

Things to consider before paying the ransom to cyber criminals

Ransomware viruses become so popular that criminals are coding them one after another.More
General News   November 10, 2016  

Experts warn about expected malware activity increase on Black Friday

November 25th is the day most enthusiastic shoppers are eagerly waiting for.More
General News   November 07, 2016  

Malicious links signal another Skype virus outbreak

Skype virus has always been one of the most active cyber infections out there, changing its form and approaches, but always succeeding to infect numerous computers worldwide.More
General News   November 04, 2016  

Locky virus among the top 3 leading ransomware in the world

The newest Intrusion Prevention System statistics introduced by the Fortinet security research team has revealed that Locky virus family has earned its place among the most active viruses during the first half of 2016.More
General News   October 27, 2016  

Massive DDoS attack on Dyn hits Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud, and more

If you're wondering why you had problems trying to connect to your favorite websites on October 21st, you should know that at approximately 7 am ET, Dyn DNS company, which is one of the largest Internet performance management companies, started to experience a DDoS attack.More
General News   October 24, 2016  

Worrying statistics: most malicious spam emails carry ransomware

We have just recently talked about this year's sudden increase in spam activity which has reached and already bypassed the highs of 2010.More
General News   October 17, 2016  

Microsoft issues recommendations on how to solve Windows 10 Update problems

Good promotion of the Anniversary Update made thousands of Windows OS users anxious about the upcoming new edition.More
General News   October 12, 2016  

The United States, UK, Germany, Denmark and Australia among the primary Android ransomware targets

While personal computer owners are struggling with newly-emerged malicious cyber threats such as ODIN virus, Android users are being targeted by ransomware, designed specifically for phones and tablets that run on this particular operating system.More
General News   October 07, 2016  

Will AVG and Avast merger benefit the virtual community?

Perhaps it was big news for some users after finding out that two anti-virus giants.More
General News   October 04, 2016  
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