How to remove keyloggers
Stay safe online - 2019-05-20

Database of keyloggers

May 31, 2015


Variants: Nano 1.0, Nano 1.2 From the publisher: ‘Nano is a keylogger dessigned for Windows platforms.More
May 31, 2015


From the publisher: ‘KeySave Logs all keys pressed by user along with key combinations. More
May 30, 2015


Variants: JanNet 3.0 p, JanNet 4.20 P From the publisher: ‘Pretty easy and simple to use… * Doesnt require any SMTP server.More
May 30, 2015

Invisible Stealth Keylogger

The publisher of Invisible Stealth Keylogger states that Invisible Stealth Keylogger is an extremely useful auditing and security tool.More
May 30, 2015

Fearless KeySpy

Variants: Fearless KeySpy 1.0, Fearless KeySpy 1.1b, Fearless KeySpy 2.0 From the publisher: FKS is a keylogger, that will upload the logs to the root folder of a ftp server you specify, when the log reaches a certain size.More
May 30, 2015


Variants: Ehks 2.0, Ehks 2.1, Ehks 2.2 From the publisher: -= ev0luti0n HTTP keylogger 2.0 beta =- ~ expl0it_shad0w ~ Introduction Hey again all, im back with ehks v2beta.More
March 06, 2015

PC Watch

What is PC Watch? PC Watch is a dangerous program, which is typically used as a keylogging tool.More
January 14, 2012

Hooker Trojan Keylogger

Variants: Hooker Trojan Keylogger 2.0, Hooker Trojan Keylogger 2.4, Hooker Trojan Keylogger 2.5, Hooker Trojan Keylogger 2.52 From the publisher: ‘Hooker, the intelligent trojan keylogger Disclaimer This program was created in educational purposes only.More

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