How to remove a Trojan horse
Stay safe online - 2018-10-20

Database of Trojans

October 02, 2018

Trojan win32/Tiggre!rfn

Trojan:win32/Tiggre!rfn is a virus that secretly mines cryptocurrency and causes slow downs and related problems on the system. More
October 02, 2018

JS Downloader Virus

JS Downloader virus is a trojan horse which uses JavaScript files to get into systems undetected. More
September 12, 2018


Trojan:O97M/DPLink.A is a dangerous cyber threat which detection notifies about dangerous activity performed on your system. More
September 07, 2018

Ramnit virus

Ramnit is a virus which can give remote access to your computer for the cybercriminals. More
August 21, 2018


SpyAxe – a dangerous application that prompts users to pay for its licensed version. More
August 20, 2018

AZORult virus

AZORult virus is a trojan horse used to spread Aurora ransomware to the target devices. More
August 14, 2018

Work.hta virus

Work.hta virus – a malicious Trojan horse which is hard to discover as it tends to perform its malicious tasks in system's background. More
August 08, 2018


Upd is a malicious program which belongs to Trojan.Kryptic.AD infection. More
August 07, 2018


Zonebac – a dangerous trojan that is capable of disabling security software. More
August 03, 2018

Trojan BtcMine

Trojan BtcMine – malware that illegally uses victims' computers to mine crypto. More
August 02, 2018


Mlsuc – dangerous malware capable of stealing sensitive information. More
August 02, 2018


Chrome.7z – a trojan horse that can infect your PC with additional malware. More
August 01, 2018

Pony virus

Pony virus – a dangerous malware that can harvest personal data. More
July 24, 2018

Csrss.exe trojan

Csrss.exe trojan — malicious cyber threat which can steal financial information and personal users' data. More
July 18, 2018

Bitcoin virus

Bitcoin virus is a type of malware which is capable of abusing victims’ resources to mine Bitcoin for criminals. More
July 16, 2018


AntiAntivirus is a malicious program that can steal your data. More
July 12, 2018

Amanda Trojan

Amanda – a dangerous backdoor trojan which gives control of your computer to hackers. More
July 11, 2018


Radmin – a dangerous trojan horse that allows bad actors to remotely control your device. More
July 10, 2018


SpywareStrike is a rogue anti-spyware which can affect your PC's performance. More
July 09, 2018


Trojan.win32.dss is a Trojan horse which redirects users to adult-only sites. More
July 09, 2018


RevServicesX is a Trojan Horse that is used to mine cryptocurrency without users' permission. More
July 05, 2018

Cosol Trojan

Cosol is a Trojan which can steal sensitive information from the infected device. More
July 03, 2018

Fixit Trojan

Fixit Trojan – a dangerous malware that can steal your personal data. More
July 03, 2018

TrickBot virus

TrickBot – a deceptive banking trojan widely used by cybercriminals. More
June 30, 2018

RegBack Trojan

RegBack is a Trojan horse which might infiltrate the system with malware. More
June 28, 2018


Trojan:Win32/Bluteal.B!rfn – a false positive by Windows Defender, although users should not let their guard down. More
June 27, 2018

Assasin Trojan

Assasin Trojan is dangerous malware that steals your personal data. More
June 26, 2018


Trojan.AOL.WAOL is a Trojan horse which operates under the name of the legitimate America Online telecommunications company. More

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