Stay safe online - 2018-12-14

“VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT” scam removal instructions

VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT - a scam used to scare users into contacting fake Microsoft support. More
Malware Viruses   February 28, 2018  

Eliminate Wise XMRig virus

XMRig CPU Miner - a trojan horse which exploits computer’s CPU power to generate cryptocurrency. More
Malware Viruses   February 27, 2018  

Delete “Is that you” Facebook virus

“Is that you” Facebook virus is yet another malware campaign used to extort users’ account details. More
Malware Viruses   February 21, 2018  

Removal of Immediately Call Apple Support scam

Immediately Call Apple Support virus causes adverse effects on your computer. More
Malware Viruses   February 20, 2018  

What is CPU Miner

CPU Miner - a Trojan horse which is used for mining cryptocurrency. More
Malware Viruses   February 15, 2018  

Uninstalling JS/CoinMiner

JS/CoinMiner - a cryptocurrency miner that is waiting for victims on the compromised websites. More
Malware Viruses   February 09, 2018  

Removing Error Code – 022-100-006 scam

Error Code - 022-100-006 scam tries to trick users into calling fake tech support service. More
Malware Viruses   February 09, 2018  

Eliminate “ISP HAS BLOCKED YOUR PC” scam

“ISP HAS BLOCKED YOUR PC” technical support scam can freeze your browser. More
Malware Viruses   February 08, 2018  

Getting rid of “Call Microsoft Support” scam

"Call Microsoft Support" virus tries to trick people into contacting the scammers. More
Malware Viruses   February 07, 2018  

WannaMine virus removal

WannaMine virus is used for mining Monero cryptocurrency. WannaMine is a fileless malware which is used for mining cryptocurrency.More
Malware Viruses   February 02, 2018  

How to remove Windows Firewall Warning Alert

Windows Firewall Warning Alert indicates that your system is infected with adware. More
Malware Viruses   January 31, 2018  

What is “Install Java Update” scam

Another attempt to trick users into downloading malware — "Install Java Update" scam . More
Malware Viruses   January 30, 2018  

Delete Youtube virus

YouTube virus gets more persuasive. YouTube virus is the definition of various malware forms which use the name of the video broadcasting service in one or another way.More
Malware Viruses   January 30, 2018  

Tinder virus removal instructions

Tinder virus aims at naive dating app users. Tinder virus is a term used to describe various scams and hoaxes on a popular dating app.More
Malware Viruses   January 30, 2018  

“Windows Has Been Shutdown” scam removal

“Windows Has Been Shutdown” pop-up has nothing in common with Microsoft. More
Malware Viruses   January 29, 2018  
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