Stay safe online - 2018-12-19

Kill Super File Manager

Super File Manager is a PUP that attacks Android users with intrusive ads. More
Malware Viruses   March 29, 2018  

Removing This Build of Windows 7 is Corrupted

This Build of Windows 7 Is Corrupted is a fake alert that mimics official Microsoft's warning. More
Malware Viruses   March 29, 2018  

Removing Flash Player Premium SMS

Flash Player Premium SMS is a fraudulent message by scammers who try to swindle money from credulous people. More
Malware Viruses   March 28, 2018  

Removal of FormBook virus

FormBook is malware that is used for stealing personal information. More
Malware Viruses   March 27, 2018  

Removal of Your Connection To This Site is Not Private scam

Your Connection To This Site is Not Private is a fraudulent message which is used for phishing purposes. More
Malware Viruses   March 26, 2018  

Delete Crypto-Loot virus

Crypto-Loot is a Monero mining service that can diminish PC's performance severely. More
Malware Viruses   March 22, 2018  

Uninstalling XMRig Miner

XMRig is a crypto-mining Trojan that exploits CPU resources to earn Monero fractions. More
Malware Viruses   March 21, 2018  

Kill “Warning! Your Computer Is Infected” virus

"Warning - Your Computer Is Infected" is a Tech-Support-Scam alert promoting fake software updates. More
Malware Viruses   March 16, 2018  

CoinImp virus removal instructions

CoinImp is a JavaScript miner, which uses the CPU power of website visitors’ PCs to mine Monero coins. More
Malware Viruses   March 15, 2018  

Uninstalling Your browser has been blocked

Your browser has been blocked is an online scam that might be delivered on any web browser. More
Malware Viruses   March 15, 2018  

Kill virus - a legitimate URL shortening service which might be exploited by criminals. More
Malware Viruses   March 15, 2018  

Removal of Gen:Variant.Razy

Gen:Variant.Razy is a dangerous Trojan horse. Gen:Variant.Razy is a generic name that describes a group of Trojan horses that might perform hazardous activities on the affected computer.More
Malware Viruses   March 13, 2018  

Removing “Microsoft Edge Critical ERROR” virus

Microsoft Edge Critical ERROR is a scam, using red screen just to attract its victims. More
Malware Viruses   March 12, 2018  

Bitcoin scam removal instructions

The anonymity of cryptocurrency exchanges allow criminals to employ Bitcoin scam techniques to obtain illegal profits. More
Malware Viruses   March 07, 2018  

“The HoeflerText font wasn’t found” ads removal (3)

“The HoeflerText font wasn’t found” scam involved in the distribution of Spora and GandCrab ransomware. More
Malware Viruses   March 01, 2018  
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