Stay safe online - 2018-06-18

How to remove Facebook scams

Facebook scams - a group of fraudulent activities on the world’s largest social network. More
Malware Viruses   June 15, 2018  

Kill System Activation Key Has Expired

System Activation Key Has Expired is a virus that might trick you into giving your credentials to the criminals. More
Malware Viruses   June 14, 2018  

Facebook video virus removal instructions (3)

Facebook video virus - a scam that tricks users into installing malware or spyware. More
Malware Viruses   June 13, 2018  


Fastsupport - a legitimate service misused by hackers to install malicious software on target computer systems. More
Malware Viruses   June 11, 2018  


APPLE SECURITY BREACH - an online scam that aims at Mac computer users. More
Malware Viruses   June 08, 2018  

Removing AMMYY (3)

Ammyy scam - a phone scam that asks users to install remote access tools. More
Malware Viruses   June 06, 2018  

Facebook virus removal (10)

Facebook virus is a term which refers to malware on the social media. More
Malware Viruses   May 29, 2018  

Removing Facebook Malware warning

Facebook Malware warning is a scam designed to trick novice computer users. More
Malware Viruses   May 28, 2018  

“Microsoft Warning Alert” Tech support scam virus removal guide (4)

Microsoft Warning Alert - fake pop-up that threatens users to disable their machines. More
Malware Viruses   May 25, 2018  

Removal of Amazon virus

Amazon virus - a term used to describe a wide list of hoaxes offering free gifts and services. More
Malware Viruses   May 24, 2018  

Uninstall TrustedInstaller

TrustedInstaller is malware that replaces legitimate Windows process. More
Malware Viruses   May 24, 2018  

Kill Snapchat virus

Snapchat virus is a group of malware that acts on a multimedia messaging app. More
Malware Viruses   May 23, 2018  

Getting rid of CoinCube Miner

CoinCube - a malicious program that mines cryptocurrency illegally. More
Malware Viruses   May 21, 2018  

Eliminate idp.alexa.51

IDP.ALEXA.51 is malware reported by reputable AV engines. IDP.ALEXA.51 is a name of a malware reported by reputable AV engines, such as AVG or Avira.More
Malware Viruses   May 20, 2018  

Remove “Amazon Rewards Event” scam

“Amazon Rewards Event” - an online scam that promises free gifts for loyal Amazon users. More
Malware Viruses   May 18, 2018  
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