How to remove malware
Stay safe online - 2018-10-22

Database of malware

October 17, 2018 is a potentially malicious application that significantly slows down the machine. More
October 02, 2018

JS:Cryptonight virus

JS:Cryptonightminer – yet another miner that misuses computer's resources to generate Monero . More
September 27, 2018

Facebook virus

Facebook virus is a term used to describe various scams on this social giant. More
September 25, 2018


Win32:Malware-gen is a Trojan infection that affects Windows operating systems. More
September 24, 2018

System Support Alert

System Support Alert is a fake alert that uses compromised websites to convince users that their personal information is in danger. More
September 21, 2018

Deloitte Email Virus

Deloitte Email Virus is a spam email campaign used to distribute TrickBot trojan. More
September 19, 2018

Android virus

Android virus – malware that exclusively targets Android devices and seeks financial benefit. More
September 19, 2018

Ghost Push virus

Ghost Push virus – a dangerous cyber attack that gains root access of Android devices. More
September 16, 2018 – a legitimate service misused by hackers to install malicious software on target computer systems. More
September 14, 2018

WhatsApp virus

WhatsApp virus is a scam that recently showed up targeting children with pornographic content. More
September 14, 2018


Xpcproxy – a part of Mac system files that may be connected to malware. More
September 03, 2018

IRS virus

IRS virus is a spam email campaign that may lead to identity theft. More
August 28, 2018

Error DT00X2

Error DT00X2 is a Microsoft scam which tricks people into calling the fake support number. More
August 24, 2018

Bank Of America email virus

Bank Of America email virus is a pesky cyber threat which aims to collect private users' data for cybercriminals. More
August 23, 2018

Sality virus

Sality – an old but dangerous family of malware that is still prevalent today. More
August 23, 2018

LinkedIn virus

LinkedIn virus is a tricky cyber threat which aims to gather personal information. More
August 21, 2018

iPhone virus

iPhone virus is a term used to describe malware that affects iPhone devices. More
August 21, 2018

Critical Security alert

Google critical Security alert scam – fake message wgicg has nothing to do with the tech giant it “represents” Critical Security alert is a fraudulent message which has been actively spreading around within the Gmail inbox.More
August 17, 2018

Coinhive Miner

Coinhive virus – malware misusing legitimate services to initiate cryptojacking attacks. More
August 15, 2018


IDP.ALEXA.51 is malware reported by reputable AV engines. IDP.ALEXA.51 is a name of a malware reported by reputable AV engines, such as AVG or Avira.More
August 14, 2018

Discord virus

Discord virus is a trojan infection that can lead loss of personal information. More
July 23, 2018

Fortnite virus

Fortnite virus — a malicious application that claims to generate free in-game currency for a popular video game. More
July 23, 2018


JS:Miner-c is a dangerous cryptocurrency miner lurking in the cyberspace. More
July 19, 2018

VPNFilter malware

VPNFilter — malware that affected more than 500 000 routers worldwide. More
July 18, 2018

PC MightyMax

PC MightyMax – fake cleaning tool which manages to bombard the computer user with false alerts about detected malware. More
July 16, 2018

Idle Buddy virus

Idle Buddy virus – a highly questionable application used for generating cryptocurrency. More

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