SpywareBot review


SpywareBot review

SpywareBot review
SpywareBot is a corrupt anti-spyware program that uses false positives. We have tested this spyware remover on absolutely clean computer that was never infected with spyware, trojans, viruses or any other malicious parasites. However, SpywareBot managed to detect 2 malicious folders and 5 harmful registry keys belonging to 5 different parasites including the Claria adware, the SpyFalcon spyware, the trojandownloader_win32_swizzor_w downloader, an unknown browser helper object and the p2p threat.

Further analysis revealed that absolutely all detected objects were actually related to fully legitimate software installed to the test system. For instance, registry keys associated with the p2p pest actually belong to eMule, a harmless file sharing application. Folders recognized as parts of the downloader parasite are actually related to Active@ UNDELETE, a file recovery program. The registry key identified as belonging to the Claria adware is a typical entry in the Windows registry. Furthermore, the key recognized as related to SpyFalcon actually belongs to Adobe Photoshop CS, a popular and safe product. Take a look on one of the screenshots provided below.

The free version refuses to remove any parasites it finds and asks to register and purchase the full product.

SpywareBot is the same program as AdWareALERT. Both corrupt applications use the same spyware definitions database, produce similar scan results and have almost identical user interfaces.

It must be noted that SpywareBot exploits the name of Spybot - Search & Destroy, which is one of the most popular and effective spyware removers available. The official web site of SpywareBot (www.spywarebot.com) uses the phrase "Search & Destroy". Furthermore, the name of the rogue is similar to “Spybot”. This is made to deceive users and trick them into purchasing the corrupt anti-spyware. Take a look on other screenshot below.

We DO NOT recommend purchasing and using SpywareBot. This program may damage installed legitimate software.

SpywareBot download: NOT RECOMMENDED

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Corrupt Anti-Spyware SpywareBot spyware remover was carefully tested by 2-spyware.com research center. The review is the result of our test. If you know additional information about SpywareBot please send us the note.


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Zemana Antimalware

SpywareBot screenshot

Information added: 2006-05-16 04:57
Information updated: 2009-11-18 01:11

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Comments on SpywareBot

Bad anti-spyware
I purchased and downloaded the Spy ware bot. I have had no problems for the year I have used it.
However, It never occurred to me that this wasn't the spy bot I thought I was buying. I am angry that I was misled.
SpyWhere?!! bot I wonder if it will eventually corrupt the registry, good job they let you try before you buy, otherwise you might cry !! That piece of junk was a waste of time.
After getting a new PC, I looked to get another free download from "spybot search & destroy" only to be misdirected to "spywarebot.com". Don't go there, it is false advertising and misleads you to buy there product!
The above is true.
I thought spybot wasn't free anymore and downloaded this one.
It does give false info.
I tested it on a new pc with a clean install of windows nothing more and no internet connection.
I am working on a computer that the owner actually bought this piece of junk software. She told me she was evaluating it for a possible job offer with the company. Hmmm. Anyway. I ran Ad-Aware and it found 99 items excluding cookies. I pasted screenshots of both into a Word document for her for evidence the program was a waste of her money. I also dragged the hyperlink to this page to her desktop. :)

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