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Stay safe online - 2019-02-17

BountySearch virus removal

BountySearch offers easy money. BountySearch virus functions as a browser extension available on Chrome Web Store.More
Browser addons Viruses   May 30, 2017  

Uninstall “Page load faster” virus

“Page load faster” seeks to spy on you. “Page load faster” virus was offered as a Chrome extension for users who cannot stand slowly loading browser web pages.More
Browser addons Viruses   May 30, 2017  

Kill MetroWhiz Toolbar

MetroWhiz Toolbar offers traffic watch services but threatens users‘ privacy. More
Browser addons Viruses   May 25, 2017  

Getting rid of virus promotes shady toolbar and spies on users. virus is an annoying browser hijacker which pretends to be a legitimate search engine, tricks people into using it for their web search and collects data about their browsing.More
Browser addons Viruses   May 02, 2017  

Adblocker For Youtube removal instructions

AdBlocker for Youtube – an adware-type program with peculiar features. More
Browser addons Viruses   April 21, 2017  

Kill Privacy Search Plus virus

Privacy Search Plus: will it help you secure your computer? More
Browser addons Viruses   April 13, 2017  

Internet Speed Tool virus removal instructions

How beneficial is Internet Speed Tool? Internet Speed Tool virus tries to appeal to users who are looking for ways to improve the performance of their browsers.More
Browser addons Viruses   March 23, 2017  

Work-Bar virus removal steps

Should you install Work-Bar? Initially, Work-Bar virus looks like a useful browser extension.More
Browser addons Viruses   January 03, 2017  

Winter Waldo virus removal guide (2)

What should you do when you see Winter Waldo pop-ups? When Winter Waldo virus settles on the device, you might notice an increasing number of commercial offers and pop-ups on your browser.More
Browser addons Viruses   December 20, 2016  

Getting rid of FunSafeTab virus (2)

Will FunSafeTab really guarantee protection against viruses? More
Browser addons Viruses   November 22, 2016  

Eliminate virus (3)

How should you treat virus may look like a search engine.More
Browser addons Viruses   November 07, 2016  

Removal of Hao123Tab (2)

The essential information about Hao123Tab virus. Hao123Tab belongs to the category of browser plug-ins.More
Browser addons Viruses   June 13, 2016  

Kill redirect (2) virus: is it dangerous? After searching for a new search engine, you may have encountered virus.More
Browser addons Viruses   May 27, 2016  

AnimeUnzipped Toolbar fix (2)

Three reasons why you should not install AnimeUnzipped browser plug-in. More
Browser addons Viruses   May 16, 2016  

InstallX Search Protect for Yahoo removal steps (1)

InstallX Search Protect for Yahoo virus: how does it work? More
Browser addons Viruses   May 12, 2016