How to remove a browser hijacker
Stay safe online - 2019-01-24

Database of browser hijackers

January 14, 2019


GoogleFix.exe – malware that adds dubious entries which disable proper browsing. More
January 11, 2019

DefendSearch virus – a browser hijacking program which can make browsing the web unbearable activity. More
January 10, 2019


SpecialSearchOption – a browser hijacker which appears mostly on the Chrome web browser. More
January 10, 2019

Safari redirect virus

Safari virus is the malware category that includes various cyber threats affecting Safari in a negative way. More
January 07, 2019 virus

Watch Tv Now is a fake search engine that redirects to other questionable sites or installs additional browser content without your permission. More
December 21, 2018

Tapufind – a browser hijacker that acts like a legit search engine compatible with Mac and Windows. More
December 21, 2018

PDF King

PDF King is a potentially unwanted application for Mac that is spread with the help of software bundling. More
December 19, 2018 is a potentially unwanted program that takes over the web browser. More
December 17, 2018


MyOfficeTab is a browser hijacker that reads users' browsing history and changes data instead of providing useful features. More
November 27, 2018 — a browser hijacker which promotes MacKeeper and other questionable Mac removers. More
November 15, 2018

Opera redirect virus

Opera redirect virus is a set of potentially malicious applications that could lead to severe consequences. More
November 08, 2018

Chrome redirect virus

Chrome virus – browser hijacker which urges users to visit suspicious websites and install questionable apps. More
October 31, 2018 redirect

Yahoo Search virus – a legitimate search provider which has been actively misused by developers of browser hijackers. More
October 02, 2018

Bing redirect virus

Bing redirect virus – a browser hijacker that might affect any web browser. More
August 17, 2018

Mysearch virus

Mysearch – a browser hijacker that modifies browser's settings to redirect users to sponsored sites. More
June 30, 2018

Chromium virus

Chromium Virus – a dangerous browser that was created using an open-source web project. More
June 23, 2018

Safe Finder virus

Safe Finder – is a potentially unwanted application which may trick you into downloading useless software. More
April 04, 2018 – a bogus search engine. is a browser hijacker that is presented as a useful search engine.More
July 21, 2017

Google redirect

Google redirect virus – a term used to describe a significant threat to your computer. More

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