How to remove a browser hijacker
Stay safe online - 2019-11-21

Database of browser hijackers

November 04, 2019 hijack is a browser hijacker that aims to earn revenue by leading users to affiliated websites. More
October 29, 2019

EasyHomeDecorating Toolbar

EasyHomeDecorating Toolbar is classified as a browser hijacker and promotes its extension on Google Web Store. More
October 17, 2019 – a browser hijacker that delivers its own search engine to the hijacked browser app. More
October 17, 2019 is a homepage address that is set on the installed web browsers as soon as the potentially unwanted program from  QxSearch is installed. More
October 17, 2019

Power App

Power App is the browser extension that can be downloaded from the web store but gets blocked as a potentially unwanted program. More
October 11, 2019


Contenko is the search engine that changes settings on internet browsers and the search provider to promote related material. More
October 10, 2019


ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR is a SPDY protocol-related error that blocks access to popular sites on Google Chrome. More
October 07, 2019 – a browser hijacker that promotes,,, and similar websites. More
October 07, 2019 is a Power App-related browser hijacker that uses legitimate search tools like Yahoo or Bing but also infuses searchers with affiliated links. More
October 05, 2019 – a browser hijacker also recognized as Patriot PDF Converter for Macs. More
October 04, 2019 is a browser hijacker that takes over Safari, Google Chrome, or other browsers installed on Mac operating systems. More
October 04, 2019 is the fake search engine that provides nothing but intrusive advertisements and altered search results. More
October 01, 2019 virus is a browser hijacker that users can accidentally install with free software from third-party sites. More
September 24, 2019 – a browser hijacker that appends{searchTerms} as the new search provider. More
September 23, 2019

Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt – a PUP that promises to protect your privacy, but uses affiliate marketing to obtain revenue. More
September 23, 2019

Chromium virus

Chromium virus is a browser virus misusing the name of the legitimate Google open-source project. More
September 21, 2019 virus is a browser hijacker that might end up on the browser with additional bogus products. More
September 20, 2019


Hao123 – a search engine that gets installed alongside adware and other PUPs and causes changes on the computer . More
September 18, 2019 hijack hijack is the program that tricks people into using a useless search engine as a legitimate one and visiting commercial pages. More
September 18, 2019 is an application that offers automatic download of tagged Facebook photos but hijacks the browsers instead. More
September 17, 2019 – a browser hijacker that might be holding your email address and mobile phone number. More
September 17, 2019 is the PUP that has multiple purposes, one of them is to interfere with users' online browsing. More
September 13, 2019

Rocket Tab

RocketTab powered by advertise – the latest version of the potentially unwanted program . More
September 10, 2019 – a Mac-based browser hijacker that modifies the main engine to More
September 06, 2019 is the PUP that comes bundled with other freeware and changes settings of any installed web browser. More
September 05, 2019 hijack is the deceptive software that hijacks your browser by modifying various settings. More
September 05, 2019 is one of the most prominent browser hijackers that spreads via fake Flash installers and is designed for Macs. More
September 04, 2019 is the browser hijacker that distributes various add-ons and PUPs via software bundles and freeware installations. More
September 04, 2019 redirect is the potentially unwanted program that specializes in redirecting your online searches and changing the default settings on the browser. More

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