How to remove a browser hijacker
Stay safe online - 2023-01-27

Database of browser hijackers

November 08, 2022 browser hijacker is a fake search engine that shows up due to a browser hijacker installed on the system.
November 03, 2022

Smilebox Tab browser hijacker

Smilebox Tab is a browser hijacker that changes the settings of your search preferences: it may impact your browsing in a negative way.
October 20, 2022

Quick Do browser hijacker

Quick Do is a potentially unwanted application that exposes you to ads and promotional links.
October 13, 2022

NFT Tab browser hijacker

NFT Tab is a browser-hijacking application that displays ads instead of being useful in any way.
October 12, 2022

Space Tab browser hijacker

Space Tab is a browser hijacker that changes the homepage, new tab address, and search engine.
September 26, 2022 browser hijacker

Chromnius is a potentially unwanted application that sets itself as the default browser to promote sponsored content and show ads.
September 21, 2022

UpSearches browser hijacker

UpSearches extension changes main browser settings so people would use selected channels for browsing.
September 15, 2022

EyeEase browser extension

EyeEase is a browser extension that promises dark more but fills users' browsers with ads.
September 09, 2022

TabX browser extension

TabX is a potentially unwanted browser extension that takes over users' browsers upon installation.
August 17, 2022

My Keypro browser hijacker

My Keypro browser hijacker is the rogue program that injects the browser extension controlling online traffic on the machine.
August 04, 2022

Style Flex browser hijacker

Style Flex browser hijacker can change the main settings, and cause ad spam, putting user privacy in danger.
July 25, 2022 virus is a search engine that is often associated with browser hijacking.