How to remove a browser hijacker
Stay safe online - 2019-07-21

Database of browser hijackers

July 15, 2019

Regevpop virus

Regevpop is an annoying browser hijacker that attaches itself to Safari or another browser and displays intrusive ads. More
July 12, 2019


PDFConverterHQ is a browser hijacking browser plugin that sets homepage and new tab to MyWay. More
July 11, 2019

Conduit virus

Conduit virus is one of the most prominent browser hijackers that changes web browser settings to serve affiliated content. More
July 10, 2019


Wsevosteran is a browser-hijacking extension that changes new tab address, homepage and the search engine. More
July 10, 2019


Trovi is a potentially unwanted program that can be called a redirect virus because of stealthy distribution techniques. More
July 10, 2019


PUP.Optional.Trovi is the detection term describing search virus on the system . More
July 09, 2019 hijack

Alhea is a browser hijacker that affects most of the popular web browsers with sponsored content. More
July 08, 2019 – fake search which tends to corrupt users' search results to redirect to prepaid search results. More
July 06, 2019


FreePDFCombiner – a browser hijacker that tricks users by offering free file converting. More
July 06, 2019


FreeForms – a browser hijacker that pretends to be a useful browser extension. More
July 03, 2019 is a browser hijacker that can expose users to unwanted ads and show sponsored links. More
July 01, 2019

My Weather Radar

My Weather Radar – a browser hijacker which overtakes the default search engine and brings weather forecast extensions. More
June 25, 2019


VKontakte.DJ – a browser hijacker which gives access to music and video-based services. More
June 21, 2019 – a browser hijacker which has been spreading together with Advanced Mac Cleaner. More
June 19, 2019 is a legitimate search engine that is often abused by browser hijacking applications. More
June 19, 2019

IE redirect virus

Internet Explorer redirect virus is a PUP that forces you to visit suspicious websites. More
June 19, 2019

Opera redirect virus

Opera redirect virus is a set of potentially malicious applications that could lead to severe consequences. More
June 18, 2019

FVD Speed Dial

FVD Speed Dial – a legitimate add-on for browser apps that has features of the browser hijacker. More
June 17, 2019

Searchmine is the program that installs undesired files or even programs and browser content to affect the system. More
June 15, 2019 virus

Trotux is a browser hijacker that uses stealthy techniques to stay on the system and collect browsing-related information. More
June 15, 2019 virus

FidoNav – a PUP which redirects to sponsored sites that you would hardly visit yourself. More
June 15, 2019 redirect

Yahoo Search virus – a term describing legitimate search provider which has been actively misused by virus developers. More
June 15, 2019 – unreliable search engine having nothing in common with Google. More
June 15, 2019

Yahoo Redirect virus

Yahoo redirect virus is a type of browser hijacker that seeks to control users' browsing habits. More
June 15, 2019

Firefox redirect virus

Firefox virus is a threat that spams browsers with fake alerts and intrusive commercial content. More
June 15, 2019

Safe Finder virus

Safe Finder – is a potentially unwanted application which may trick you into downloading useless software. More
June 15, 2019

Chrome redirect virus

Chrome virus is a potentially unwanted program causing fake alerts and suspicious messages to redirect users to questionable websites. More
June 15, 2019

Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt – a PUP that promises to protect your privacy, but uses affiliate marketing to obtain revenue. More
June 15, 2019

ByteFence redirect

ByteFence review: a previously-known PUP which has already fixed its respectability. More
June 15, 2019 – a browser hijacker which installs the Maps Now extension on Google Chrome. More
June 12, 2019 is the browser hijacker that redirects every in-browser search to questionable websites and causes additional pop-ups with suspicious content. More

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