How to remove a browser hijacker
Stay safe online - 2019-03-23

Database of browser hijackers

March 19, 2019 virus is a potentially unwanted application that changes web browser settings without users' permission. More
March 13, 2019

Chromium virus

Chromium virus is malware that was created on the basis of a legitimate open-source project by Google. More
March 12, 2019


QSearch is a browser-hijacking program which targets Mac computer users and hijacks popular browsers. More
March 08, 2019

Safer Browser virus

Safer Browser – the browser hijacker that is associated with tons of other Safer Technologies products. More
March 06, 2019

Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt – a PUP that promises to protect your privacy, but uses affiliate marketing to obtain revenue. More
March 05, 2019


Search1 is the browser hijacker developed to generate money from the online activity. More
March 04, 2019 – a browser hijacker which installs the Maps Now extension on Google Chrome. More
March 04, 2019 is the browser extension that claims to improve users' browsing online with the safety shield and similar features. More
March 04, 2019

PDF Converter Hub

PDF Converter Hub is a browser hijacker which hijacks the Google Chrome as a useful extension. More
February 28, 2019 is a browser hijacker which is installed by the help of the Template Hub extension. More
February 28, 2019

Quick Maps And Directions

Quick Maps And Directions is the potentially unwanted web browser extension that redirects to every time you open the new tab. More
February 27, 2019 is the PUP developed by QxSearch to redirect your online traffic to sponsored websites filled with commercial material. More
February 26, 2019 is a browser hijacker which appears on Mac devices only. More
February 25, 2019

Mysearch virus

Mysearch virus is a notorious browser hijacker that has been infecting users' browsers for several years. More
February 19, 2019

Citrio Browser

Citrio browser is the fake tool that is based on Chromium.   Citrio Browser is the PUP developed by Epom Ltd which has been distributed on the internet with the help of software bundling technique.More
February 14, 2019


Web Bar is a deceptive toolbar that adds a search bar at top of your screen. More
February 13, 2019 redirect

Yahoo Search virus – a term describing legitimate search provider which has been actively misused by virus developers. More
February 12, 2019 virus is an intrusive application that imitates and hijacks users' browsers. More
February 10, 2019 – a browser hijacker which provides search results straight from More
February 08, 2019 is a browser hijacking app which appears on Google Chrome after installing the YaTab Search extension. More
February 08, 2019 is a browser hijacker that installs its search engine to your browser and can also be called QIP . More
February 08, 2019 is the browser hijacker that redirects in-browser searches to other questionable websites like More
February 06, 2019 virus

AioSearch is a search engine that spreads as a browser extension for Google Chrome or other browsers. More
February 04, 2019 is a potentially unwanted program that modifies settings of web browsers without users' consent. More
February 04, 2019 is a browser hijacker that affects the speed of your browser and the performance of your Mac in general . More
February 01, 2019


SecuryBrowse is an extension and a browser hijacker that provides fake sense of security for netizens. More
January 30, 2019 is a browser hijacker that causes tons of redirects on your Mac. More
January 15, 2019 virus

InitialSite123 is a potentially unwanted application that hijacks Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other browsers. More
January 14, 2019 redirect

Palikan – a browser hijacker which displays sponsored search results to promote affiliate websites. More

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