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Stay safe online - 2019-01-22

Getting rid of LastPass virus (2)

What should you know about LastPass virus? In case you are planning to use a password storage application, beware that there is a wide variety of malicious duplicate programs, such as LastPass virus.More
Browser addons Viruses   April 30, 2016  

Uninstall virus (4) is a browser hijacker that has been released quite a while ago.More
Browser addons Viruses   February 25, 2016 virus removal instructions

Is safe url? what is it? is categorized as a browser hijacker, which once installed changes homepage and search engine on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.More
Browser addons Viruses   November 21, 2015  

Get rid of (3)

Help! I think something is wrong with my computer. It works really slow now!More
Browser addons Viruses   November 09, 2015  

FreeRide Games Toolbar removal (4)

FreeRide Games activity: If you would check the Internet for what people report about FreeRide Games, we believe that you would decide to stay away from this program.More
Browser addons Viruses   October 23, 2015  

Get rid of Music Box toolbar

What is Music Box Toolbar? Music Box toolbar is a potentially unwanted application, which may show up on your computer out of nowhere.More
Browser addons Viruses   June 29, 2015  

Alexa Toolbar removal (20)

What is Alexa toolbar? Alexa Toolbar is a potentially unwanted program, which is owned by Amazon and is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.More
Browser addons Viruses   June 10, 2015  

Uninstall Inbox3

What is Inbox3? Inbox3 by Inbox International LLC pretends to be a genuine web browser.More
Browser addons Viruses   May 27, 2015  

Remove MyStart Search Protection (1)

What is MyStart Search Protection? MyStart Search Protection is a potentially unwanted program that has been created with an intension to protect other potentially unwanted programs.More
Browser addons Viruses   May 25, 2015  

Browsers Protector fix

What is Browsers Protector? Browsers Protector is a free software developed by PerformerSoft/Bit89 Inc.More
Browser addons Viruses   May 17, 2015  

Uninstalling (1)

What is is one of these annoying search engines that may cause unwanted redirections to suspicious-looking websites.More
Browser addons Viruses   May 08, 2015  

Eliminate MySocialColor

What is MySocialColor? Created by High Tech Marketing SL., MySocialColor is an untrustworthy browser plug-in that may cause you various computer-related issues.More
Browser addons Viruses   April 09, 2015  

Remove MegaSearch

What is MegaSearch?. MegaSearch is another program, which belongs to potentially unwanted program or browser hijacker category.More
Browser addons Viruses   April 07, 2015  

Delete Gadgetbox toolbar

What is Gadgetbox? Gadgetbox toolbar byWeb Pick – Internet Holdings Lld.More
Browser addons Viruses   March 30, 2015  

How to remove ClientMan.bho1

What is ClientMan.bho1? ClientMan.bho1 is a variant of the ClientMan spyware.More
Browser addons Viruses   March 06, 2015  
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