How to remove browser plugins
Stay safe online - 2021-03-07

Database of browser plugins

February 19, 2021


ConvertItSearch – a browser hijacker that modifies browser preferences to redirect search traffic and show ads.
February 04, 2021

Google Translate scam

Google Translate scam – a potentially unwanted program that has nothing to do with Google Inc.
January 28, 2021

LastPass virus

LastPass virus is a browser plugin that redirects to suspicious websites.
January 21, 2021

Screenshot Tool and Editor

Screenshot Tool and Editor is the Google Chrome extension that is promoted via intrusive ads.
January 11, 2021

Alexa Toolbar

Alexa toolbar is the browser add-on that creates issues with the system when it controls various browsing online features.
January 11, 2021

Mylucky Tab

Mylucky Tab – a browser hijacking software that collects browsing data.
January 07, 2021


MegaSearch is the search plugin that affects time online with redirects.
January 05, 2021

AtHoc toolbar

AtHoc Toolbar is the hijacking tool in the form of a browser plugin.
October 14, 2020

Adblocker for YouTube

AdBlocker for YouTube – an extension that might change your browser settings without warning.
September 29, 2020

MSN Toolbar

MSN Toolbar is the browser component that can be difficult to remove due to various relations and bugs.
August 11, 2020


Becovi is an application that can be downloaded along freeware.
July 17, 2020

Cool New Tab Theme Mac virus

Cool New Tab Theme is a potentially unwanted Safari and Chrome extension that may generate sponsored ads and make people visit suspicious websites.
July 13, 2020

Coco APP extension

Coco APP is the browser add-on that creates changes in settings and online surfing preferences.
May 06, 2020

Hotspot Shield Toolbar

The Hotspot Shield Toolbar might put your privacy at risk with its redirects.
April 14, 2020

Avast SafePrice

Avast SafePrice is a coupon and discount web browser extension developed by Avast anti-malware vendor.
August 30, 2019


Tampermonkey is a Google Chrome and other browser extension that helps users modify the functionality of the visited site.
August 23, 2019


Pup.optional.ask is a potentially unwanted application that is involuntary installed as an optional component.
July 30, 2019

AVG SafeGuard Toolbar

AVG SafeGuard Toolbar is the browser hijacker that redirects all search attempts to engine.
May 30, 2019

GardeningEnthusiast Toolbar

GardeningEnthusiast Toolbar is a browser hijacker that tries to appeal to gardening enthusiasts.
February 22, 2019

Falco Software virus

Falco Software – a browser hijacker which places as the new search engine.
February 08, 2019


Atwola tracking cookie might be installed to your browser without your knowledge.
May 24, 2018

Swagbucks toolbar

Swagbucks Toolbar – a potentially unwanted program that redirects your browser to sponsored pages.
October 24, 2017

Always Weather virus

Always Weather extension is not the most reliable app to keep on your browser.
October 23, 2017

Quick Searcher virus

The secret of Quick Searcher – a hidden CPU miner. Quick Searcher virus functions as a browser extension which has a significant drawback – it mines crypto-coins.
October 02, 2017 better known as is a reputable TV company but has some aspects to be considered.
August 31, 2017

Bookmarks Access ads

Bookmarks Access fails to complete its purpose. Bookmarks Access virus can be found as the application which supposedly manages your browser bookmarks.
August 11, 2017 virus

The main issues caused by Startpage search engine. is advertised as “the world’s most private search engine.” However, security experts disagreed with such saying and categorized it as a potentially unwanted program and a browser hijacker for these reasons: tricking users into visiting unknown and ques...
July 27, 2017

Films Fetcher virus

Films Fetcher offers unlimited access to the movies. Films Fetcher virus happens to be a browser extension designed for Chrome users.
July 06, 2017

Elite Web Tool virus

Elite Web Tool virus tracks your web searches. Elite Web Tool virus is a deceptive browser extension that monitors your web searches.
July 03, 2017

Cookies On-Off extension virus

The suspicious activity of Cookies On-Off should not be ignored: the extension asks access to your microphone and camera.
June 22, 2017

iFind Searcher virus

iFind Searcher raises questions about its reliability. iFind Searcher virus happens to be a browser extension.
June 15, 2017

SpecialSearchOffer extension virus

SpecialSearchOffer goes “wild” after you install it. SpecialSearchOffer virus functions as a browser extension which employs Yahoo database and replaces the search engine into
June 05, 2017

WM Search virus

WM Search offers unknown search services. WM Search virus could be found as a browser extension in Chrome Web store.
May 30, 2017

BountySearch virus

BountySearch offers easy money. BountySearch virus functions as a browser extension available on Chrome Web Store.

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