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Stay safe online - 2019-02-17

Eliminate DownSpeedTest Toolbar

Should I use DownSpeedTest Toolbar? DownSpeedTest Toolbar is promoted as a tool that can check your Internet speed and provide with the accurate results.More
System tools Viruses   July 01, 2015  

Kill ConvertDocsNow Toolbar

Can I install ConvertDocsNow Toolbar on my computer? ConvertDocsNow is a toolbar that promises to “convert PDF files to and from DOC files, as well as over 20 other document and image formats.” However, once installed, it may take control over your web browser by replacing default start page, search provid... More
System tools Viruses   July 01, 2015  

Media Dashboard removal steps

What is Media Dashboard? Media Dashboard is an application that has aroused various discussions among the Internet users.More
System tools Viruses   June 29, 2015  

Remove GardeningEnthusiast Toolbar

What is GardeningEnthusiast Toolbar? GardeningEnthusiast is a thematic toolbar that has recently been released.More
System tools Viruses   June 27, 2015  

InstantRadioPlay toolbar removal instructions

What is InstantRadioPlay toolbar? InstantRadioPlay toolbar is a potentially unwanted program .More
System tools Viruses   June 24, 2015  

Delete FreeLocalWeather Toolbar

What is FreeLocalWeather Toolbar? FreeLocalWeather Toolbar is promoted as a tool enabling a quick and easy access to the weather forecast.More
System tools Viruses   June 22, 2015  

Uninstall ActionClassicGames Toolbar

Should I install ActionClassicGames Toolbar? ActionClassicGames Toolbar is a very questionable app enabling access to hundred of fun free games in many categories with just one click.More
System tools Viruses   June 22, 2015  

What is PC Privacy Dock

What is PC Privacy Dock? PC Privacy Dock is a free application that has already been downloaded by hundreds of computer users.More
System tools Viruses   June 22, 2015  

Removal of BestBackground Toolbar

What is BestBackground Toolbar? BestBackground Toolbar is distributed as a free tool enabling family ancestry search, family tree building, family member search and other service related to family and its relationships.More
System tools Viruses   June 19, 2015  

Removal of MetroHotspot Toolbar

What is known about MetroHotspot Toolbar? MetroHotspot is yet another toolbar that looks safe and useful.More
System tools Viruses   June 12, 2015  

Removing PC Utilities Pro – Optimizer Pro (1)

What is PC Utilities Pro - Optimizer Pro? PC Utilities Pro - Optimizer Pro is a misleading PC optimization program, which can easily show people forged system scanners and then return for them untrustworthy scan results.More
System tools Viruses   June 12, 2015  

Remove MyWebFace toolbar (1)

What is MyWebFace toolbar? MyWebFace toolbar is a type of program that can easily come inside the system in a bundle with some other software.More
System tools Viruses   June 08, 2015  

Remove Finally Fast

What is Finally Fast? Finally Fast by Ascentive is a questionable application, which may perform various tasks on your computer in order to swindle your money.More
System tools Viruses   June 03, 2015  

Tech Hubby removal

What is Tech Hubby? Tech Hubby is a suspicious application, which is promoted as a powerful PC optimization tool.More
System tools Viruses   June 01, 2015  

How to remove FindYourMaps

What is FindYourMaps? FindYourMaps Toolbar is yet another toolbar, which pretends itself as a useful tool for getting quick driving directions.More
System tools Viruses   June 01, 2015