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Remove Reg Tuneup virus (Tutorial) - Improved Instructions

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How practical is Reg Tuneup?

Reg Tuneup application offers its services as a PC optimizer. It might look as a useful application improving the general performance of the computer. The app presents a wide range of services as well as an additional program, Photostudio, for a relatively low price. Despite all these specifications, we do not recommend keeping this application on the system. After the installation, it might significantly slow down the overall efficiency of the computer. Reg Tuneup is not a virus, but it contains features of a PUP. Though it claims to be able to repair the registry keys, there is a possibility that it might negatively deteriorate the performance of the device. That is why we recommend you to start Reg Tuneup removal. You can employ Reimage if you encounter any obstacles uninstalling it.

This application is only one sample of a wide category of similar applications. If you are interested in improving your PC processing capabilities, you might easily get lost among hundreds of applications. What is more, they all share identical services, so you cannot tell a difference which application is more useful. Speaking of Reg Tuneup, it does not stand out much from the rest examples of PC optimization tools. In offers fast scanning tool, built-in scheduler and registry repair function. It is an ordinary set of promoted features to fish and attracts more potential customers. Once they install the utility, they might soon get disappointed by the application. Specifically, the program reveals false positives about detected hundreds of system threats and registry issues. Naturally, in order to eliminate them, you need to purchase the full version. If you do it, the full edition actually removes the adware elements which display the fake notifications. Such scheming might attract credible users. However, such type of advertising is surely not common for legitimate and reliable applications.

The screenshot of Reg TuneUp official website

Such type of programs may also be harbingers of more annoying problems. Even if legitimate applications are continuously attacked by hackers [1], such PC optimization tools may be more vulnerable to the attacks of the felons. What is more, Reg Tuneup also significantly affect the processing speed of the computer. If the fastly-operating device is a necessity, this application might be the cause of irritation [2]. In addition, you might be interested in the privacy policy of this computer. The protection of personal information has become a widely escalated matter due to the increase of data breach accidents [3] and the appearance of user-stealing malware [4]. This application may collect your personal information via payment procedure or your personal account. It indicates what types of companies your personal data might be shared. However, if you are especially cautious about your privacy online, you should not tolerate such distribution of personal details. Therefore, you might be interested in the ways how to remove Reg Tuneup.

How is this application dispersed?

This program finds its way into a computer after a user downloads it from the official website. Speaking of which, it is not worth much discussion as it looks standard for such category of applications. Relevant punchlines and pleasant design might work as the bait. Alternatively, this application might have sneaked into the device via the help of another free application. Do you recall installing a new video converter or image editing tool? You might have additionally installed Reg Tuneup along with the program since it was attached as an additional program. Covert installers usually happen to be PUPs, but IT experts observe the tendency among racketeers to shift to more elaborate hacking techniques. Beware of what programs come along with the primary application. Unmark the unnecessary ones and then start the installation of a preferred utility.

Uninstalling Reg Tuneup

Questions about Reg Tuneup virus

Usually, such applications do not cause any trouble removing it from the device. You can do it simply manually by following the below Reg Tuneup removal guide. If somehow you cannot eliminate the program by using the indicated guideline, use an alternative method. Remove Reg Tuneup with the help of Reimage or Malwarebytes. These are anti-spyware application successfully eliminate PUPs as well as more exquisite threats. Some users have reported of not being able to find the uninstaller of this optimization tool. Remember to stay vigilant while browsing the Web or installing new applications [5]. Here are the solutions:

If you cannot find the uninstaller:

  1. Click Start and then type msconfig. Enter the app.
  2. Look for the program in Services and Startup tabs. If you cannot see it, unmark Hide all Microsoft services.
  3. Click Disable and then OK.

For Windows users:

  1. Click Start button.
  2. Enter Control Panel.
  3. Find Reg Tuneup and select Uninstall function.
  4. Finish the process by clicking OK.

For Mac System:

  1. Click Go button and select Applications.
  2. Find the Reg Tuneup in the list.
  3. After selecting the program, choose Move to Trash.


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Alternative Software
Different security software includes different virus database. If you didn’t succeed in finding malware with Reimage, try running alternative scan with Combo Cleaner.

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