How to remove system tools
Stay safe online - 2019-09-23

Database of system tools

September 16, 2019


Avast SafeZone browser is the program that gets installed automatically without any additional requests or permissions. More
September 13, 2019

Cleanup My Mac

Cleanup My Mac is the potentially unwanted application that is promoted as a system optimizer, but it does nothing valuable for the machine. More
September 12, 2019


TuneupMyMac is a fake system optimizer for Mac that is detected by multiple anti-virus programs. More
September 09, 2019


Segurazo is the unwanted program promoted as an anti-virus tool that protects the machine, users data and passwords. More
September 03, 2019

Tachyon Internet Security 5.0

Tachyon Internet Security 5.0 is the fake antivirus program that automatically installs on the computer and cannot be easily removed. More
August 28, 2019 virus is the browser hijacker that poses as a legitimate and useful search engine to infect the system further. More
August 28, 2019

Pro PC Cleaner

Pro PC Cleaner is the tool that claims to fix your computer while it only can damage it. More
August 23, 2019

Full PC Care 2.0

Full PC Care 2.0 – a supposedly-tested security tool that has only the goal of collecting income. More
August 14, 2019

Finally Fast

Finally Fast is the software that supposedly has been downloaded more than 20 million times, but it gives no value for the PC. More
August 09, 2019


MacBooster – a bogus computer tool that provides harmless components as serious threats . More
August 09, 2019

Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare – an Iobit-created tool that has earned a questionable reputation. More
August 09, 2019


DailyPCClean – questionable system software that gathers income from its paid version. More
August 07, 2019

Vprotect application

VProtect application – the app traveling in a bundle with AVG products and then causing high CPU usage. More
August 03, 2019

Zen PC

Zen PC – questionable system software advertised as the quickest Windows optimizer. More
August 02, 2019

SpeedUpMyPC 2014

SpeedUpMyPC 2014 – a questionable system security tool that seeks to promote its licensed version for income. More
July 30, 2019

PC Cleaner Pro

PC Cleaner Pro – a suspicious tool advertised as a handy computer security solution. More
July 30, 2019

Advance PC Solutions

Advance PC Solutions – described as a safeguard tool although it might enter the machine unnoticed. More
July 29, 2019

Speedy PC Pro

Speedy PC Pro is the program claiming to fix various system problems with innovative software which can be called a PUA. More
July 25, 2019

Wise Mac Care

Wise Mac Care is an application designed to clean and speed up your computer but might enter it without you noticing. More
July 24, 2019

Open Software Updater

Open Software Updater is a potentially unwanted application that is often found within bundled software packages. More
July 18, 2019


Gstatic is a service used by Google to hold static content and reduce bandwidth usage. More
July 16, 2019

Inlog Optimizer

Inlog Optimizer is the system tools that use intentional false positives to claim that users' devices have problems the optimizer can easily fix. More
July 15, 2019

Xtron System Care

Xtron System Care is a hoax program that shows false-positives and asks to buy its full version. More
July 09, 2019

BugSplat virus

BugSplat is a third-party crash report tool that helps software developers to understand the nature of application stops. More
July 09, 2019

SlimCleaner Plus

SlimCleaner Plus – an invasive program that supposedly cleans malware and improves the performance of your device. More
July 08, 2019

MergeDocsNow Toolbar

MergeDocsNow is a browser plugin designed to hijack homepage and change search engine to MyWay. More
July 06, 2019


OptiSpeed is a typical bloatware application that asks users to buy its full license to fix fake issues it presents. More
July 06, 2019

My System Mechanic

System Mechanic – a fake system optimization tool that users might be tricked to install. More
July 06, 2019

Advanced Password Manager

Advanced Password Manager –  a questionable application that claims to protect users' passwords. More
July 06, 2019

Web companion

Web companion by Lavasoft — a legitimate software which might not be as useful as it is described. More
July 05, 2019

Smart Mac Tuneup

Smart Mac Tuneup – suspicious security software that claims to wipe out around 20 types of junk objects. More
July 04, 2019

Adroit System Care

Adroit System Care is a potentially unwanted program that claims to fix various PC  issues. More

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