How to remove system tools
Stay safe online - 2020-04-07

Database of system tools

February 28, 2020

System Optimizer

System Optimizer is the unwanted program that claims to clean the registry and fix all the errors this way. More
February 24, 2020


SAntivirus is a potentially unwanted program that claims to protect your computer but shows false positives instead. More
February 19, 2020

WinZip Driver Updater

WinZip Driver Updater is an app designed to help users update drivers, although can disturb users with pop-ups. More
February 19, 2020

Web companion

Web companion by Lavasoft — a legitimate software which might not be as useful as it is described. More
February 19, 2020

Driver Support

Driver Support is a system optimization tool which is advertised as a premium technical support service. More
February 19, 2020


Gstatic is a service used by Google to hold static content and reduce bandwidth usage. More
February 18, 2020


DuckDuckGo search is a reliable search engine with several cons. More
February 18, 2020

Deceptive site ahead

“Deceptive Site Ahead” is a legitimate pop-up that prevents people from accessing malicious websites. More
February 18, 2020


Configapk – a safe executable used on Android devices that is related to installation or uninstallation procedures. More
February 18, 2020 is a digital book distribution site that might expose users to copyrighted material. More
February 18, 2020


AdChoices – a legitimate advertisement platform used by industry giants. More
February 17, 2020

Easy Mac Care

Easy Mac Care is the application that claims to offer optimizing, cleaning and decluttering functions . More
February 06, 2020

OneSafe PC Cleaner

OneSafe PC Cleaner is a potentially unwanted program that displays exaggerated scan results about computer issues. More
February 05, 2020


MacReviver – an unreliable Mac system optimizer that appears on the bottom menu bar of the computer screen. More
January 30, 2020

Qbit Mac Optimizer

Qbit Mac Optimizer is the free system optimizer for macOS devices that should enable computers to run smoother and faster. More
January 29, 2020

Advanced System Protector

Advanced System Protector is the program that appears on the system after the insecure installation. More
January 23, 2020

TuneUp Pro

Tuneup Pro is the rogue registry cleaner that should increase the performance of the PC but only with the licensed version. More
January 22, 2020

MyPC Backup

MyPC Backup – a rogue system tool that throws false warnings about unprotected files. More
January 21, 2020


Segurazo – an unwanted program offered to protect Windows OS users' data and passwords. More
January 15, 2020


miAPCP is the questionable application that shows up running out of nowhere and is difficult to remove. More
January 15, 2020


AnyProtect – a fake system scanner that seeks to earn monetary benefits from promoting its licensed version for $59.99. More
January 09, 2020

Easy Driver Pro

Easy Driver Pro is the shady system optimizer that installs other dangerous PUPs. More
January 06, 2020

Open Software Updater

Open Software Updater – a rogue application that relies on deceptive sites and software bundling that promote and distribute the questionable program. More
January 03, 2020 is a website that users get redirected to if they have ad-blocking app installed on their browsers. More
December 11, 2019

Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor – rogue security software forcing users to believe that their hard drive has been corrupted. More
December 10, 2019

EasyPDFCombine Toolbar

EasyPDFCombine Toolbar – a random extension that sets the default search engine to or More
December 09, 2019

Advanced Driver Booster

Advanced Driver Booster – suspicious security software that has been found suspicious by 9 AV engines. More
December 02, 2019

From Doc to PDF Toolbar

From Doc to PDF – a browser hijacker which has been affecting Google Chrome browsers via bundling. More
November 26, 2019

jZip by Bandoo

jZip is the deceptive application that should provide file-compressing functionality, but it gets bundled with other PUPs. More

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