How to remove system tools
Stay safe online - 2020-01-29

Database of system tools

January 21, 2020


Segurazo – an unwanted program offered to protect Windows OS users' data and passwords. More
January 15, 2020


miAPCP is the questionable application that shows up running out of nowhere and is difficult to remove. More
January 15, 2020


AnyProtect – a fake system scanner that seeks to earn monetary benefits from promoting its licensed version for $59.99. More
January 09, 2020

Easy Driver Pro

Easy Driver Pro is the shady system optimizer that installs other dangerous PUPs. More
January 06, 2020

Open Software Updater

Open Software Updater – a rogue application that relies on deceptive sites and software bundling that promote and distribute the questionable program. More
January 03, 2020 is a website that users get redirected to if they have ad-blocking app installed on their browsers. More
December 11, 2019

Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor – rogue security software forcing users to believe that their hard drive has been corrupted. More
December 10, 2019

EasyPDFCombine Toolbar

EasyPDFCombine Toolbar – a random extension that sets the default search engine to or More
December 09, 2019

Advanced Driver Booster

Advanced Driver Booster – suspicious security software that has been found suspicious by 9 AV engines. More
December 02, 2019

From Doc to PDF Toolbar

From Doc to PDF – a browser hijacker which has been affecting Google Chrome browsers via bundling. More
November 26, 2019

jZip by Bandoo

jZip is the deceptive application that should provide file-compressing functionality, but it gets bundled with other PUPs. More
November 21, 2019

PC Matic

PC Matic is a security application that might bot be the best choice for PC virus protection. More
November 20, 2019

Prime Updater virus

Prime Updater claims to be a reliable software updater while hiding the functionality of a PUP. More
November 18, 2019

Driver Talent

Driver Talent is a potentially unwanted program that should manage your drivers, but it starts to push other shady tools once it gets on the machine. More
November 04, 2019

Spyhunter virus

SpyHunter virus is a misleading term used by competitors of this AV tool to win users. More
October 30, 2019

Driver Navigator

Driver Navigator is the system tool that has a bad reputation for being intrusive and showing ads. More
October 21, 2019

Advanced System Repair Pro

Advanced System Repair Pro is the system optimization tool that should take care of the machine but causes other issues instead. More
October 18, 2019

Win Magician

Win Magician – a questionable Windows system tool that is promoted as one of the best antimalware programs existing. More
October 18, 2019

Complete System Care

Complete System Care is the tool that claims to fix registry errors, manage programs and protect the system from malware. More
October 14, 2019

Auto PC Care

Auto PC Care – a fake cleaning utility that claims to be the world's number one optimization software. More
October 14, 2019

Speedy SystemCare

Speedy SystemCare – a Windows cleaning utility that drops fake virus announcements. More
October 09, 2019


IlifeMediaBrowser is a legitimate app that might cause unwanted errors or background processes even when not used. More
October 09, 2019


Maftask is a Mac Auto Fixer-related process that prevents users from uninstalling the potentially unwanted program. More
October 09, 2019


Helperamc – an additional product of a bogus Mac system tool or adware program. More
October 08, 2019

Advanced Mac Tuneup

Advanced Mac Tuneup – rogue computer software created to mislead owners of Mac machines. More
October 03, 2019

Universal PC Care

Universal PC Care is the fake system optimization tool that uses intentional false-positive results stating about problems with the device. More
October 02, 2019

Package Access Helper

Package Access Helper is a built-in Android process that sometimes drains way too much power from the phone. More
September 30, 2019 virus – a search engine that uses ad-tracking and pay-per-click revenue for planting trees. More
September 26, 2019

Hpwuschd application

Hpwuschd application is a driver and software package that makes the system running extremely slow and affects various functions of Windows devices. More
September 26, 2019

Smart Mac Booster

Smart Mac Booster – an alternative version of bogus system optimizers such as Advanced Mac Cleaner. More

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