How to remove system tools
Stay safe online - 2018-09-20

Database of system tools

September 05, 2018

Driver Support

Driver Support is a system optimization tool which is advertised as a premium technical support service. More
September 04, 2018

PC Health Boost

PC Health Boost is a questionable program which does not deliver the promised services. More
September 03, 2018

Mac Auto Fixer

Mac Auto Fixer is a potentially unwanted application which claims to fix Mac-related issues. More
August 31, 2018

Win Boost Pro 2018

Win Boost Pro 2018 is a fake application advertised as a useful system optimizer for Windows OS. More
August 30, 2018

Mac Heal Pro

Mac Heal Pro – a fake optimization program which offers its licensed version for € 14,95. More
August 27, 2018

Power PC Care 2018

Power PC Care 2018 is a potentially unwanted program, advertised as an effective system optimizer . More
August 22, 2018


AdChoices – a legitimate advertisement platform used by industry giants. More
August 21, 2018

Mac Clean Pro

Mac Clean Pro – a fake optimization tool which seeks to convince users into buying its licensed version. More
August 21, 2018

Super Clean Pro 2018

Super Clean Pro 2018 is a controversial system optimization tool which does not provide accurate scan results. More
August 17, 2018

Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care — a rogue Mac application that provides features that are highly questionable. More
August 17, 2018

Unpollute My Mac

Unpollute My Mac is a rogue system optimization tool which claims to clean traces of visited porn sites. More
August 16, 2018

Vulkaninfo 32

Vulkaninfo32 is a safe API which is installed together with Nvidia, Intel or AMD drivers. More
August 15, 2018

Reimage virus

Reimage virus – wrong term used to describe a legitimate PC Repair program. More
August 13, 2018

MegaBackup virus

MegaBackup is a suspicious application that creates problems to computer users. More
August 13, 2018

WinZip Driver Updater

WinZip Driver Updater is an app designed to help users update drivers, although can disturb users with pop-ups. More
August 13, 2018

Auto Speedup 2018

Auto Speedup 2018 – a fake optimization tool which displays false warnings about computer state to push the fake license. More
August 07, 2018

From Doc to PDF Toolbar

FromDoctoPDF – a browser hijacker which has been affecting Google Chrome browsers via bundling. More
August 03, 2018

Mac Tonic

Mac Tonic is a deceptive application which tricks users by using the name of a legitimate computer repair service. More
August 03, 2018

Driver Tonic

Driver Tonic is a fraudulent system optimization tool which should let you experience an enhanced PC. More
August 02, 2018

Smart PC Care

Smart PC Care – a fake PC optimization tool that is actively promoting Driver Updater. More
August 02, 2018


MacShiny is a questionable program which displays altered scan results. More
July 31, 2018

Mac File Opener

Mac File Opener is a questionable tool which also promotes Advanced Mac Cleaner. More
July 23, 2018


MalwareCrush is a fake anti-spyware program which might attract PUPs . More
July 17, 2018

Web companion

Web companion — a legitimate software which might not be as useful as it is described. More
July 16, 2018

Malware Protection Live

Malware Protection Live — fraudulent system optimization tool which is incapable of removing any viruses. More
July 12, 2018

Secure File Shredder

Secure File Shredder is a rogue optimization tool which generates fake virus scan results. More
June 30, 2018

Win PC Repair 2018

Win PC Repair 2018 – an unreliable security software which causes fake virus alerts. More
June 29, 2018

Clean PC Pro 2018

Clean PC Pro 2018 – an unreliable program which claims to be capable of fixing infected systems but truly causes fake warnings. More
June 27, 2018


VulkanRT – a 3D graphics API software that is mistaken for malware. More
June 26, 2018

Smart PC Mechanic

Smart PC Mechanic is an unsafe application misleading people into believing that their systems are infected. More

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