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Remove Win Tuneup Pro (Tutorial) - Improved Instructions

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Analysis of Win Tuneup Pro

Win Tuneup Pro application appeals to those users who are looking for a way to boost up the PC performance. For example, if you are using a computer with low processing capabilities, the thought that you might artificially enlarge them might cross your mind. Then, it is not surprising if this application has attracted your attention. Nonetheless, we do not recommend installing this application. Though Win Tuneup Pro is not a virus, it is classified as a rogue anti-malware application. Specifically, it claims to fix existent and damaged registry files. As a matter of fact, it displays fake positives to convince users into purchasing the futile edition which would supposedly solve the issues. In fact, it is just another marketing trick [1]. If you are interested in how to remove Win Tuneup Pro, read the following article. Reimage Reimage Cleaner comes in handy. It speeds up the entire Win Tuneup Pro removal. 

Questions about Win Tuneup Pro

Online advertising companies find new approaches and techniques to entangle users into their artificial reality and make them their customers. While specific marketing tricks work in reality, cyber space requires different appeals and images. Computer security and data protection have been popular topics. Anyone who is considering how to ensure the proper operation of the device might get attracted by the idea to entrust this task to a digital tool. What is more, such thought is reinforced by the lack of time. It might be hard to find a person who spends time on regularly defragmenting local disk. Likewise, taking care of your computer already takes valuable time but at the same you want to enjoy its full capabilities. Therefore, marketers fish for new users who are concerned about their devices.

The screenshot of Win TuneUp Pro official website

Speaking of Win Tuneup Pro, this application is just a small example of the broad category of PC optimizers. Users who might easily get lost among multiple identical programs. They all share common designs and offer the same services. This application is no exception. However, the key problem of this application is that it displays fake notifications. If you eventually buy the full edition of this software, it “fixes” the registry keys simply by removing the adware elements from the operating system. Such programs are not considered malicious, but they might cause inconveniences. According to the privacy policy of this program, it collects personal information and might share with credit card companies. It is understandable since the certain information is provided when you purchase their products. After the reverberating data breach scandals in 2016 [2], more attention has been gramnted to personal data protection means. Big companies and banks offer improved security measures for their clients [3]. However, users should take into account that the protection of their personal data greatly relies on themselves as well [4]. In short, getting aware more about what privacy policies are led by the programs you install should be of concern.

How does the application spread?

You might download Win Tuneup Pro from its official web page. Usually, such programs are promoted in cyber-security related web pages. Additionally, they might be “bundled” with freeware applications. Likewise, you need to be very careful while installing new applications. Unwanted applications usually are attached under “Recommended” settings. Netizens make the same mistake again by choosing the latter settings and dashing through the settings. Next time when you plan to install a new program, make sure you select “Custom” mode. It will display additional programs. Likewise, you will be able to remove the checkmarks from unwanted applications before they enter the device.

Win Tuneup Pro uninstallation

This program does not cause any obstacles for removing. Remove Win Tuneup Pro manually or automatically. Below this final paragraph, you will find manual guidelines. In case you encounter any obstacles uninstalling the program, you can eliminate the optimizer with the assistance of Reimage Reimage Cleaner . Lastly, keep in mind several security tips while installing this application [5]. Do not forget to check you’re the official publisher of the software you are about to install. Secondly, read reviews and comments in online forums to get a better insight. Lastly, checking EULA and a privacy policy should be a habit as well. Here is manual Win Tuneup Pro removal.

For Windows users:

1. Click “Start” button.
2. Enter “Control Panel.”
3. Find “Win Tuneup Pro” and select “Uninstall” function.
4. Finish the process by clicking “OK.”

For Mac System:

1. Click “Go” button and select “Applications.”
2. Find the “Win Tuneup Pro” in the list.
3. After selecting the program, choose “Move to Trash.”

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  1. GraceK says:
    January 20th, 2017 at 1:37 am

    Another useless app?

  2. torronto says:
    January 20th, 2017 at 1:38 am

    Tuning tuning and in the end crashing…

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