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Stay safe online - 2019-01-22

Getting rid of Coupons Vault adware

What is Coupons Vault? Coupons Vault is a browser extension, which can be installed on the system as a shopping helper.More
System tools Viruses   May 21, 2015  

Kill Driver Performer

What is Driver Performer? Driver Performer is a very questionable PC optimization tool, which promises to improve computer's speed by eliminating unnecessary entries on the system.More
System tools Viruses   May 12, 2015  

Eliminate Max Computer Cleaner (3)

What is Max Computer Cleaner? Max Computer Cleaner is a system tool, which is supposed to optimize your PC's performance.More
System tools Viruses   May 07, 2015  

Remove WinFix Pro

What is WinFix Pro? WinFix Pro by Informer Technologies Inc.More
System tools Viruses   May 05, 2015  

Remove Advanced System Protector (14)

What is Advanced System Protector? Advanced System Protector is a LEGITIMATE application, which is presented as a powerful solution against bad registry entries and junk files or programs.More
System tools Viruses   May 05, 2015  

SpeedUpMyComputer removal (15)

What is SpeedUpMyComputer? SpeedUpMyComputer is a potentially unwanted program, which should be treated with carefulness.More
System tools Viruses   May 05, 2015  

Delete PC Cleaner Pro 2012 (16)

What is PC Cleaner Pro 2012? PC Cleaner Pro 2012 is a legitimate PC optimization tool, which can help you to check your registry and know what errors and junk files are inside your PC system.More
System tools Viruses   May 04, 2015  

How to remove SuddenlyMusic Toolbar

What is SuddenlyMusic Toolbar? SuddenlyMusic Toolbar is a browser plug-in, which is a new member of Mindspark family.More
System tools Viruses   April 29, 2015  

Remove Registry Cleaner Pro (6)

What is Registry Cleaner Pro? Registry Cleaner Pro is a PC optimization tool, which is supposed to help people improve their PCs' functionality.More
System tools Viruses   April 28, 2015  

Get rid of System Speed Up

What is System Speed Up? System Speed Up is another program, which was developed by a well-known company Systweak Software.More
System tools Viruses   April 22, 2015  

Remove Win PC Optimizer

What is Win PC Optimizer? Win PC Optimizer seems to be a rogue PC's optimization tool.More
System tools Viruses   April 20, 2015 redirect removal (2)

What is is a legitimate website, which declares that its mission is to answer users' questions with the best information from the web and from the real people, and increase personal knowledge by empowering people with answers.More
System tools Viruses   April 17, 2015  

What is Search App by Ask v2 virus

What is Search App by Ask v2? Search App by Ask v2 is one of these applications that have been included to 'potentially unwanted program' category.More
System tools Viruses   April 17, 2015 removal

What is should never be called as virus, so you can use it if you think that it helps you to find what you need on the Internet.More
System tools Viruses   April 17, 2015  

Getting rid of (1)

What is is a LEGITIMATE search engine that may show up on your web browsers out of nowhere.More
System tools Viruses   April 17, 2015  
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