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Getting rid of (1)

What is is a LEGITIMATE search engine that may show up on your web browsers out of nowhere.More
System tools Viruses   April 17, 2015  

Ask removal (5)

What is Ask? Ask is a popular search engine, which offers 'better web search' for its users.More
System tools Viruses   April 17, 2015  

What is Fix My PC

What is Fix My PC? Fix My PC is a questionable system optimization tool, which is owned by A1 Pccleaner Technical Services Pvt.More
System tools Viruses   March 31, 2015  

Getting rid of Disk Optimizer Pro

What is Disk Optimizer Pro? Disk Optimizer Pro is a PC optimization tool for Windows users that has been developed by Xportsoft Technologies.More
System tools Viruses   March 30, 2015  

Get rid of Xportsoft Quick PC Booster

What is Xportsoft Quick PC Booster? Xportsoft Quick PC Booster is a very questionable application that promises to enhance PC's performance by removing old and useless registries, as well as fix system errors.More
System tools Viruses   March 27, 2015  

PC Fix Speed removal (21)

What is PC Fix Speed? PC Fix Speed is a system optimization program, which promises to increase PC speed and repair registry errors.More
System tools Viruses   March 24, 2015  

Uninstalling PC Cleaner Plus

What is PC Cleaner Plus? PC Cleaner Plus developed by SparkTrust is a software program that is described as a powerful system optimization tool.More
System tools Viruses   March 23, 2015  

Getting rid of A1PCCleaner

What is A1PCCleaner? A1PCCleaner by A1 PC Cleaner is a tool that raises lots of suspicions.More
System tools Viruses   March 23, 2015  

Running Fanatic Toolbar removal steps

What is Running Fanatic Toolbar? Running Fanatic Toolbar is yet another dubious application created by Mindspark Interactive.More
System tools Viruses   March 23, 2015  

How to remove PC Speed Up

What is PC Speed Up? PC Speed Up is a legitimate program, which can also be called as a potentially unwanted program or a PUP.More
System tools Viruses   March 20, 2015  

Eliminate System Optimizer

What is System Optimizer? System Optimizer is a questionable program, which claims that it is capable of increasing PC's speed and improving its functionality.More
System tools Viruses   March 18, 2015  

InternetSpeedTracker Toolbar removal instructions

What is InternetSpeedTracker Toolbar? InternetSpeedTracker Toolbar is an application that promises to install a toolbar on all most popular web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and allow people to monitor Internet connection, download, and upload speed.More
System tools Viruses   March 15, 2015  

Uninstall Obrona Cleaner

What is Obrona Cleaner? Obrona Cleaner from Download Sp. z o.More
System tools Viruses   March 12, 2015  

MyFunCards Toolbar removal

What is MyFunCards Toolbar? MyFunCards Toolbar is a potentially unwanted application.More
System tools Viruses   March 09, 2015  

What is Winferno Registry Power Cleaner

What is Winferno Registry Power Cleaner? Winferno Registry Power Cleaner states to be a highly effective registry cleaner capable of fixing registry errors, system crashes, increasing system's performance, automatically backup people's registries and so on.More
System tools Viruses   March 04, 2015