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Stay safe online - 2018-09-24

Get rid of PC Protector Plus

PC Protector Plus deceives users with fake alerts. PC Protector Plus operates as a supposed tool which assists users supposedly improve system performance by guarding it against virtual threats.More
System tools Viruses   November 09, 2017  

Removing DriverAgent Plus (5)

The misconception of the DriverAgent Plus. DriverAgent Plus is a legitimate computer optimization program created by, Inc.More
System tools Viruses   November 02, 2017  

AstrologySearcher Toolbar removal

AstrologySearcher Toolbar offers daily horoscope forecast. More
System tools Viruses   November 01, 2017  

Eliminate DriverDoc virus

DriverDoc offers fake PC optimization. Driver Doc operates as a PC optimization tool which supposedly boosts up the PC performance.More
System tools Viruses   October 17, 2017  

How to remove ConvertDocsOnline Toolbar

ConvertDocsOnline extension might be installed without your knowledge. More
System tools Viruses   October 10, 2017  

Remove Tweakerbit Registry Optimizer

Reasons not to buy Tweakerbit Registry Optimizer’s license. More
System tools Viruses   October 06, 2017  

Removal of FormFetcherPro Toolbar

FormFetcherPro Toolbar fishes for users with the same bait. More
System tools Viruses   October 05, 2017  

GifsGalore Toolbar removal instructions

Get to know the functionality of GifsGalore Toolbar . GifsGalore Toolbar is a free computer program that can be downloaded and installed by any computer user.More
System tools Viruses   October 04, 2017  

Eliminate PCProtect

Buying PC Protect license is a waste of money. PCProtect is promoted as the “ultimate antivirus” that is compatible with Windows and Mac computer, as well as mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems.More
System tools Viruses   October 04, 2017  

Removing Master PC Cleaner

Master PC Cleaner is not likely to speed up your Windows computer. More
System tools Viruses   October 03, 2017  

Remove Junk Cleaner

Junk Cleaner will not improve your computer’s performance. More
System tools Viruses   September 29, 2017  

Eliminate FreeManualsIndex Toolbar

Things to reconsider before using FreeManualsIndex search. More
System tools Viruses   September 29, 2017  

Uninstalling Driver Navigator

Things to consider before using Driver Navigator. Driver Navigator by Easeware is an untrustworthy system tool that claims to be designed to detect problems in device drivers and fix them automatically.More
System tools Viruses   September 28, 2017  

Uninstalling System Optimizer Pro

System Optimizer Pro review: a free tool that promotes the paid version of the program. More
System tools Viruses   September 28, 2017  

Remove GetFlightInfo (4)

GetFlightInfo helps you track your flight number. GetFlightInfo functions as an online service created by Mindspark Interactive Network, which allows you to check the details of your flight.More
System tools Viruses   September 28, 2017