Stay safe online - 2018-02-21

Removal of caMyciloP (1)

Description of caMyciloP virus. How does it act on a compromised computer? More
Trojans Viruses   April 27, 2016  

Terminate JS/ScrInject.b

What should you know about JS/ScrInject.b virus? JS/ScrInject.b virus is a new threat in the category of Trojan viruses.More
Trojans Viruses   April 26, 2016  

Removal of Hadsruda!bit (1)

Be aware: Hadsruda!bit malware poses a threat to your computer. More
Trojans Viruses   April 26, 2016  

Trojan.Agent.Trace removal instructions (2)

Trojan.Agent.Trace virus - why is it dangerous? As the title says, Trojan.Agent.Trace is, of course, a computer trojan, which means it is one of the most dangerous PC infections you should be aware of.More
Trojans Viruses   April 25, 2016  

Panda Banker removal steps (3)

The dangers of Panda Banker virus. Panda Banker virus is a successor of the Zeus trojan, which has already extorted hundreds of millions of dollars from the unsuspecting victims’ bank accounts worldwide.More
Trojans Viruses   April 21, 2016  

JS.Nemucod removal instructions (2)

JS.Nemucod virus - a critical trojan that downloads viruses to a computer. More
Trojans Viruses   March 18, 2016  

Getting rid of Dyreza virus (4)

As the holiday season is coming, cyber-criminals tend to start their activities and actively work to obtain as much money from online shoppers as possible.More
Trojans Viruses   November 20, 2015  

Trojan.Zeroaccess removal guide (3)

What is Trojan.ZeroAccess? Trojan.ZeroAccess is a malicious Trojan horse, which was named like that because of the string found in its kernel driver code that points to the ZeroAccess folder.More
Trojans Viruses   September 21, 2015  

Get rid of 12Trojan.Win32.Krepper.ab

WHAT IS 12TROJAN.WIN32.KREPPER.AB? 12Trojan.Win32.Krepper.ab is a trojan which performs various malicious tasks on your computer that may result in some serious threat to the stability of your system.More
Trojans Viruses   August 24, 2015  

Eliminate Trojan.Cryptolocker (2)

What is Trojan.Cryptolocker? Trojan.Cryptolocker is a malicious trojan horse, which has been actively used for spreading ransomware-type viruses on the Internet.More
Trojans Viruses   August 12, 2015  

Removing Trojan.LockScreen

What is Trojan.LockScreen? Trojan.LockScreen is an especially dangerous cyber threat that belongs to trojan horse category.More
Trojans Viruses   August 07, 2015  

How to remove Duqu virus

What is Duqu? Duqu is a malicious Trojan horse that was first noticed in 2011.More
Trojans Viruses   June 10, 2015  

Removing Trojan.Agent (13)

What is Trojan.Agent? Trojan.Agent is a malicious trojan horse, which can be used for various fraudulent activities.More
Trojans Viruses   June 10, 2015  

ICQ Trojan

From the publisher: 'Readme version A.5 Friday, May 29, 1998 ICQ Trogen. More
AOL parasites Trojans Viruses   May 29, 2015  

Getting rid of Zbot (1)

What is Zbot? Zbot is a dangerous trojan horse, which is used to steal personal users' information, such as passwords, login credentials and similar sensitive information.More
Trojans Viruses   April 20, 2015  
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