Stay safe online - 2019-02-17

What is Ramnit virus

Ramnit is a virus which can give remote access to your computer for the cybercriminals. More
Trojans Viruses   September 07, 2018  

Removal of SpyAxe

SpyAxe - a dangerous application that prompts users to pay for its licensed version. More
Trojans Viruses   August 21, 2018  

Eliminate AZORult virus

AZORult virus is a trojan horse used to spread Aurora ransomware to the target devices. More
Trojans Viruses   August 20, 2018  

Uninstall Work.hta virus

Work.hta virus - a malicious Trojan horse which is hard to discover as it tends to perform its malicious tasks in system's background. More
Trojans Viruses   August 14, 2018  

Upd fix

Upd is a malicious program which belongs to Trojan.Kryptic.AD infection. More
Trojans Viruses   August 08, 2018  

Uninstalling Zonebac

Zonebac - a dangerous trojan that is capable of disabling security software. More
Trojans Viruses   August 07, 2018  

Getting rid of Trojan BtcMine

Trojan BtcMine - malware that illegally uses victims' computers to mine crypto. More
Trojans Viruses   August 03, 2018  

Eliminate Mlsuc

Mlsuc - dangerous malware capable of stealing sensitive information. More
Trojans Viruses   August 02, 2018  

Kill Chrome.7z

Chrome.7z - a trojan horse that can infect your PC with additional malware. More
Trojans Viruses   August 02, 2018  

Removing Pony virus (1)

Pony virus - a dangerous malware that can harvest personal data. More
Trojans Viruses   August 01, 2018  

Delete Csrss.exe trojan

Csrss.exe trojan — malicious cyber threat which can steal financial information and personal users' data. More
Trojans Viruses   July 24, 2018  

Eliminate Bitcoin virus

Bitcoin virus is a type of malware which is capable of abusing victims' resources to mine Bitcoin for criminals. More
Trojans Viruses   July 18, 2018  

Uninstall AntiAntivirus

AntiAntivirus is a malicious program that can steal your data. More
Trojans Viruses   July 16, 2018  

Get rid of Amanda Trojan

Amanda - a dangerous backdoor trojan which gives control of your computer to hackers. More
Trojans Viruses   July 12, 2018  

How to remove RadMin

Radmin - a dangerous trojan horse that allows bad actors to remotely control your device. More
Trojans Viruses   July 11, 2018