How to remove SPAM tools
Stay safe online - 2019-07-17

Database of SPAM tools

April 30, 2019

Your account was hacked

Your account was hacked scam is a social engineering attack that tries to extort users' money. More
April 24, 2019

My Accurate Forecast

My Accurate Forecast is a suspicious weather forecast service that inserts a new email profile on iOS devices. More
March 06, 2019


8005315000 is a phone number that is used by crooks to extort money from innocent users. More
March 04, 2019


8006334227 is scam call number that uses Medicare's health insurer name in order to extort personal information. More
December 12, 2018

I Have Bad News For You

I Have Bad News For You is one of sextortion scams that can leave baffled users out of money. More
November 26, 2018

Extortion Scam

Extortion Scam – a phishing email campaign used for blackmailing users to make them pay ransom in Bitcoin. More
September 03, 2018

Wells Fargo Email scam

Wells Fargo Email is a scam which is used to download malicious Microsoft Word documents. More
August 02, 2018

Porn Blackmail virus

Porn Blackmail scam – a new spam campaign threatening users to expose their private photos. More
April 10, 2017 referral spam

What does mean in your Google Analytics? Once referral spam plagues your Google Analytics account, you might notice an unexpectedly high traffic from one particular domain.More
February 14, 2017 referral spam

What should you know about referral spam? referral spam was one of the first examples of Ghost Spam.More
December 20, 2016 referral spam

How should you confront referral spam? If you have recently launched a new website and got stunned by an enormous web traffic, referral spam might be the case of such phenomenon.More
December 12, 2016 referral spam

How to react to referral spam? referral spam can affect stats of your Google Analytics account, but not your page directly.More
May 09, 2016

LinkedIn Facebook spam

Why LinkedIn Facebook spam is a serious issue? With over 433 million members, LinkedIn is a perfect platform for different fraudsters to carry out cyber attacks on the unsuspecting users.More
February 29, 2016 referral spam

Scammers use creative methods to promote their shady websites nowadays, and one of the most recent methods to do it is a referral spam technique.More
February 17, 2016 referral spam

General information about referral spam: referral spam is yet another unfair method that is used to promote particular third-party websites.More
February 12, 2016

китай.с.новым.годом.рф referral spam

What is китай.с.новым.годом.рф referral spam? . If you have just noticed китай.с.новым.годом.рф URL in your Google Analytics data, you are dealing with spammers who are trying to trick you into visiting their domain.More
February 11, 2016 referral spam

What is the definition of referral spam? is a recently released referral spam bot, which pretends to be driving web traffic to your website.More
February 11, 2016 referral spam

Why do I suffer from referral spam? referral spam is the latest issue for webmasters, the owners of websites and admins.More
February 09, 2016 virus

Why do I see in my Google Analytics? If and similar subdomains appear in your Google Analytics, then you should know that you are dealing with the referral spam.More

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